Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

xavier has nice dj friends

xavier told me a nice story.

dj barbarick and dj pan were super supportive

when naked angel club had to close.

nice dj's, nice friends.

here's another video of dj barbarick at the booth.

dj barbarick at teknival

just got this from dj barbarick...

teknival video.

here it is.

this is what u missed...

but teknival is still going strong now.

punk is alive and well

love punk rock...

love the energy.

horsecow had a cool party last night.

warm stream played on the river.

punks were out in force.

and so was i.

WET River Trips Party on the River in Northern California

2008 concierge linden party

i saw a linden.

then i saw another

and another

and another.

and one even im'd me...

unbelievable, but i saved the im to prove it.


teknival 2008 in second life

teknival was this weekend.

lots of djs.

3 event areas including a grassy lawn.

super fun event.

thanks drakos!