Friday, September 17, 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Equinox 2008 : Burning Man


presents ~~~~~~~~~~

Equinox 2010
15 hours of pure psy!

Sat / Sept 18th

noon to 2am slt

dj artists
noon  naofume camel
1pm   drummer cooperstone
2pm   nelskat kanya
3pm   pandora lane
4pm   pan tripsa
5pm   leilala memel
6pm   ariel lednev
7pm   seebs dover
8pm   barbs kurka
9pm   thomtrance otoole
10pm qee nishi
11pm med oh
12am ahimsa balut
1am   nebulae sands
2am  djane sang et soil

Come and dance the Earth!!!
Organica Cellular Stage
Region: Happy Clam Island

Photo submitted by Thomtrance O'Toole of Happy Clam Island.
Photo posted on this blog by RAFTWET Jewell.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conservancy of the American River

This is why I am here. This is why rafee is an avatar for outdoor recreation and the protection of water, streams, rivers, oceans and wetlands. Listen carefully and apply these concepts in your own backyard.

These are the champions who dedicate their lives for a singular cause to protect one river in their community. Protect the land, rivers and oceans in your community by volunteering your time and efforts. California American River is a jewel of a river that stretches from the high Sierra Nevada to the urban cities in the valley. The river gives us drinking water, agricultural water, power, recreation and beauty and is worth protecting for all.

My heartfelt thanks to this crew of volunteers, artists and filmmakers for a job well-done!
<3 rafee <3

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mankind Tracer's Peace, Love & Belief IV Mega Concert


On October 3rd, Mankind Tracer will be holding the largest ever multi-sim concert event in Second Life's history.

Over the past few years, Mankind Tracer, SL's most recognized live performer, has held his Peace, Love & Belief Concerts, with the last PLB III on 34 different sims. During PLB III, Mankind played a few songs at each venue, jumping from sim to sim for over 6 hours straight. While this is still the recognized record for most simultaneous sims, Mankind will be going for 50 sims at Peace, Love & Belief IV.

The major difference this year is that PLB IV will be a Live Video Concert. The concert is planned to last for three straight hours. There will also be a live audio stream just in case residents don't have the ability to see video. Mankind will stream his live show across SL via the new "stage screen" and thus will not need to jump sims. This year, there will still be the Land Mark Board which, as with all previous PLB Events, will clearly display the names of all participating venues/sims and each will be clickable to their respective LM's.

The idea of Peace, Love  & Belief is something Mankind Tracer offers all attendees at his shows and has been doing so for well over three and a half years since he first started performing. In Mankind's own word's, "I wish you peace in your minds, love in your hearts and belief in the generosity and the goodness of the people that share the world with us." Millions of people have likely heard his message and his hopes are to spread his message even further.

Participating venues will be provided with a "Package" which will include all setup material including the video screen, audio stream info, the LM Board, promotional material and an instruction notecard for setup. You will need to place the provided texture in your land settings under "Media Texture".

During his long time performing in SL, Mankind Tracer has won many prestigious awards, performed countless charitable events for both large and personal causes and he has released 3 SL CD's which have seen tremendous success in SL. His concerts are usually packed with most being driven by audience requests and of course his truly amazing and insightful original music. In the saturated live music scene, Mankind Tracer, still after all these years, remains the most widely recognized SL live performer. He is the "goto guy" to help launch the Linden Labs' events like the SL Birthday parties and Burning Life events. Through all of his success, Mankind Tracer remains a kind and generous man and all around nice guy!

Be sure to get on board this historic SL Event as many SL and RL eyes will be watching this one!


• Event Promotion

Banners advertising the event will be placed all around SL, on Second Friends, FaceBook events, MySpace, Reverb Nation, SL Radio Station and more.

• Sponsorship

If you are a business in SL and would like to sponsor the event, there are only 10 spots available. Sponsors will have a square image embeded onto the LM board which will be placed at all participating venues offering great exposure. Sponsor ads will also be clickable to a LM of your choice.

Those who choose to sponsor the event will also be offered a discounted ad rate for one month on Second Friends, the Social Networking Website for SL residents only, created by  Mankind Tracer:

• Contact

If you would like to be part of this historic SL Event, either by carrying the stream or by sponsoring the event, please contact Mankind Tracer, Kalli Birman or Roos Tomsen to get further info as soon as you can. There is only room for 50 venues/sims.


Look for more information and details about this historic event on  THE A LIST! blog.

Submitted and written by Mankind Tracer for THE A LIST! from public distribution releases.