Thursday, December 30, 2010

butterflies, rafee, firefury, xavi in second life

butterflies, raftwet, firefury & xavier at happy clam island

butterflies, rafee, firefury, xavi in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

rafee, firefury & xavi at HCI

raftwet & xavier in second life

A new year is coming, and I've been on this grid forever! As all things pass into the memories of 2010, we begin anew with a promise of bigger and brighter things for 2011!

barbs kurka at happy clam island

Tonight, we are with old friends and new over at Happy Clam Island. Organica is the outdoor gathering in the grassy meadow nestled in between the particles and psytrance music.

barbs kurka at organica

DJ Barbs Kurka is at the helm spinning her brand of music, and it is a never-ending dance party like no other.

party people in second life

particle explosions

2011... may things change and never change! Woot!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

second life : digital future

raftwet jewell on riverland : sky waterfall

raftwet jewell : wet builders on riverland, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

raftwet jewell at Tron regions

raftwet jewell in eshi otawara headdress

raftwet jewell at sky waterfall on riverland

I just saw  TRON (both movies). I see where the minds melded here in Second Life. The influence is everywhere! From the grid itself to the builds, the creators here have definitely taken notes from the original movie. When, I saw the originally movie just a few days ago, I was taken back by the references. They were talking about us. They were talking about Second Life.

rafee on tron-inspired motorcycle

tron inspired motorcycle racing on the grid

cyber rafee on riverland's chill zone

raftwet jewell at riverland sky waterfall

The new movie is excellent. I don't want to talk about the film, because I want you all to see it. They honored the original, and the new movie made me cry. The reverence in the movie for this grid is spiritual, and it is the feeling I get when I am here. This is a very special place. Second Life is not just a game; as Kevin Flynn, the creator says, "the grid is a place of infinite possibilities... more beautiful than I ever dreamed... and more dangerous than I could have ever imagined."

immersive installation in second life influenced by Disney's Tron movie 

raftwet jewell as cyber influenced by tron

All of us are very privileged to be here... to be a part of a grand experiment of the future of the internet. I do see the internet morphing into the concept of "The Grid." It is inevitable.  I see Kevin Flynn, the visionary in the souls of Phil Linden, Sergey Brin, Larry PageSteve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. (Yes, I am aware of the researchers at Carnegie, MIT, etc... but their research was project-based. I am not sure they saw their results in the hands of every man, woman and child in the world as these visionaries I have listed.) These are the people who have changed our lives. They are the ones who endured long hours and obstacles that we can never imagine just to bring us their dreams. I honor them today with grace and humility.

riverland chill zone

And my favorite part of the movie? ... the reverence for water and the grid.

Please visit my little contribution on my regions: (be kind, I am building out of love.)

rafee building riverland sky waterfall

sunset in second life virtual world

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

boystown holiday party featuring toys

Boystown "The Isle of Misfit Toys"

boystown holiday party featuring toys, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

baz ceawlin : demented jack in the box

johnnyboy as toy soldier at boystown

boystown toy party! slinky & legos

The holiday spirit was in full swing at Boystown. All the toys were there! Jack in the box, the jester, the toy soldier, teddy bears, legos, a giant slinky and more.

beckham at black and white jester at boystown

ritch as a toy jester at boystown holiday party

Of course, the toys were a little demented and a bit broken as humor always takes first place at Boystown.

raftwet, xavier & divos at boystown holiday toy party

boystown misfit toy party

The place was packed with a good holiday spirit of fun, music and dancing. I needed this bit of silly after a long day of reflection. 

johnnyboy dancing at boystown 

tylo as jester jack in the box at boystown holiday party
Peace and goodwill... remember that is more important than anything else at anytime of the year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Many thanks to Adham, Baz, Divos, Ritch and all the boys at Boystown!

All photos by raftwet jewell and uploaded for this blog.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

christmas party at hardbeatz xmas stage at bassline island

bassline junkiez's hardbeatz xmas stage on bassline island

christmas party at hardbeatz xmas stage at bassline island, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

christmas decorations at bassline's hardbeatz xmas stage

christmas train and train at hardbeatz xmas stage

A beautiful winter wonderland at BassLine Island is charming at the Hardbeatz Xmas Stage. With the whimsical train choo chooing around the twinkling Christmas trees, the very hard beats of drum and bass and dub were definitely an edgy contrast to the holiday decor. BassLine always has awesome builders creating very cool spaces.

bassline junkiez christmas party

christmas : hardbeatz xmas stage

christmas at bassline island

Avatars were peppered all over the Bassline Island region at small parties with Drum and Bass, dub and reggae booming from the speakers. 

winter wonderland at bassline island

raftwet jewell at bassline junkiez party

When the beat enters your ears and your avi starts dancing, it's very hard to leave! You just don't leave a BassLine Junkiez parties when the dj is pumping out the tunes... party peeps!

raftwet at dj nebulae sands party

raftwet jewell at nebulae sands party at bassline's hardbeatz xmas stage

raftwet jewell in second life

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cherry manga art sculpture at mysterious wave

Cherry Manga Art Sculpture at Mysterious Wave

cherry manga art sculpture, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

cherry manga art

Five visits and I finally feel like I have absorbed the art work there at Mysterious Wave. But, each time I go back, I see something new or different... or am I different this time?

furniture at mysterious waves

mysterious wave art in second life

Cherry Manga has been a favorite artist since I first saw her 2-dimensional work back in 2007. Several of her works hang in the corporate homes peppered around the grid. And, I have saved the best pieces for my regions: [WETLands (128, 128, 23)]

le bout du monde : mysterious wave

landscape at mysterious wave

Her work speaks volumes. It whispers and shouts many things, but those are very personal, and I won't discuss them here. Just go to her latest installation on Mysterious Wave,  a place dedicated to her minimal art.

cherry manga "the puppeteer"

raftwet jewell at mysterious wave

Bring a friend, but I suggest that you go alone. Spend time there sitting and experiencing the art. I think I have about 8 hours into the place, and I want to go back again. 

All photos taken by raftwet jewell for this blog post.
Many thanks to Cherry Manga and the other artists at Mysterious Wave for their beautiful artwork!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Nutcracker in Virtual World

The Nutcracker is an odd tale of fantasy or a dream that a young girl has on Christmas night. The ballet was based on the original story, "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice" written by E.T.A Hoffman. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the score for the two act ballet.

Marius Petipa choreographed the story into the ballet that was revised by French author, Alexander Dumas. Dumas' version is the Nutcracker that we all love.

The story takes place at the Stahlbaum home where the family is celebrating their annual Christmas party. The children are usually shown dancing while the adults visit and dance as well. Godfather Drosselmeyer arrives with a special gift for both Clara and Fritz. Fritz becomes jealous of the wooden Nutcracker present that was given to Clara, and he grabs the wooden soldier and breaks it.


Clara's gift comes alive and takes her on a fantastic dream sequence with the Mouse King and an army of wooden toy solders. The two are escorted to the Land of Sweets by the Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier. The characters celebrate the victory over the Mouse King with a series of pas de deux by Spanish, Arabian, Russian, and Chinese dancers.

BALLET PIXELLE : rafee xavier

At the end, all the flowers come out to dance the finale with the Waltz of the Flowers. The Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier dance the final Pas De Deux.

The Nutcracker is usually one of the first ballets that most children and adults will see. The sweet story and charming costumes draw the audience in at no matter what age you see this beautiful ballet. Family friendly, the ballet takes you on a fantasy ride of childhood memories and fears.


Here in the virtual world of Second Life, Ballet Pixelle has recreated the charming ballet for the Christmas season. The Nutcracker was the third ballet developed for the virtual world. Each year, Ballet Pixelle expands and recreates the story here in Second Life. The charm of this ballet is not lost in the virtual; the ballet stays true and is ready to delight even those of us who have seen it in real life. Celebrate this Holiday season with this wonderful ballet!

Just like a real ballet company, Ballet Pixelle will be presenting The Nutcracker during several performances until Christmas (and maybe after!). Check their website for the show schedules. All the shows will be scheduled every Sunday at 5 pm and Wednesday at 3 pm (all times in SLT). Many thanks to the hardworking dancers in this production of the Nutcracker!

Aiyana Tripsa
Amelie Dibou
Cecilia Mistwalker
Desiree Lurra
Deyna Broek
Luci Yokosuka
Neena Botanical
Patros Zifer
Sherainbow Merlin
Skippy Flossberg
Tik Merlin
Tinka Bondar
Vivienne Darcy
Xanthi Oridium

Inarra Saarinen, Artistic Director of Ballet Pixelle
The Making of a Ballet in Virtual Space

Thank you Inarra and the cast of The Nutcracker Ballet!

Editor's Note: During this holiday season, try to see The Nutcracker Ballet in your own community. To save cost for your family, see the performance in the afternoon when tickets cost less. Otherwise, there is no other date night, like a night at the ballet. And, if you are impressed, then subscribe to the ballet company and support the arts!