Thursday, March 18, 2010

gardens at southern cross

Southern Cross Gardens Glass Greenhouse

gardens at southern cross, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

southern cross garden paddle wheel

river rock at southern cross gardens

southern cross garden green house

rafwet at southern cross gardens
A gifted garden has risen at Southern Cross Gardens. A small retail area near the beach has great gifts for this Easter. Check the toys and curios and the cute beanies for your friends.

artfull toys & curios at southern cross

easter bunny at southern cross

Then take a walk along the boardwalk over to the gardens and visit the greenhouse. The paddle wheel turns gently, splashing water near the river and rock.

raftwet jewell at southern cross gardens

garden patio at southern cross

A brick patio is a beautiful place to sit and view the gardens while listening to the old time radio stories. I found dj TheArtfullOne Skytower's name on all the builds; a talented dj and builder.
This is a beautiful place for a date or just a nice spot for anyone looking for a relaxed chill area.

kokopu tavern at southern cross

kokopu tavern bar at southern cross

southern cross kokopu tavern

I hung out here for an hour or more just enjoying the place, listening to the stories and meeting people. Kokopu Tavern is also here. An intimate bar perfect for live music and/or club music. Kudos!

southern cross gardens

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