Sunday, March 9, 2014

Google and its Integration

I finally did it. I finally figured out how to be my real self and how to be my avatar, Raftwet Jewell. Google integration was a tough one for me.

In real life, I started my social media career with Yahoo many moons ago. At that time, there was nothing but a bunch of people communicating online in chat rooms and/or pseudo social media such as Yahoo's Geocities.

Remember Geocities? That was a place where I spent many hours writing and posting about my real life company. So many of my email addresses were written down in so many vanity books. There was Yahoo, of course. Google, Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, Ning, Squidoo, and so many others, that I have no memory of being in them except for the notation in those little vanity books.

When Google decided to protect us from unscrupulous bloggers, posters, and that ilk, I just was not properly prepared, even though I knew integration was coming! I had to gather a few years of user names, passwords, secret questions and locations. Trying to integrate the real world company and the virtual world avatar, was a nightmare.

So I walked away from all of the techno muck for a couple of years.  

My mind was a blur of words, photos, updates, and BS. The world has definitely changed both in virtual and real. The internet has become such a spooky boogyman. The "Monster" knows everything about us. Being fully integrated is kinda worrisome as it means that a hack can literally destroy everything.

What all of us created was a syncopated world of blogging/posting platforms. Majority of the 'stuff' is so not important to anyone. Just words and pics floating like flotsam in the wind with everyone sharing them. And, that's the real reason why social media is important. The act of sharing them.

When you share with your next door neighbor, an overwhelming feeling of comfort may envelope you. Why? You connected with a person soley with a plate of cookies. That person may share that plate of food with another person close by. Then, that other person may tell their baker down the street how awesome your cookies were to eat. And voila! That baker contacted you about a special event where he wanted someone to make cookies!

What I hope is that this simply created avatar, my precious jewel, can continue her virtual life peacefully with grace and dignity. So many great new things, like mesh,  have happened on the grid. I am also definitely looking forward to being able to access the grid with my cell phone.

2014 will go down in my memory book as the year that I took care of my avie, and all the other loose ends on the net.

Spring is coming... time to go shopping for my avatar!

Making my way through social media... again!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 ... Wha' Happened to 2013?

Yes, indeed, 2014. What happened to 2013?

2013 had bad numbers for me. Oh, yes, I am superstituous. Very wary of numbers and places. I over analyzed everything. For what? For nothing, really, except watching an age old battle between major groups in virtual and also in real life, too.

I just did not want to post much of anything. All I did last year was to try and figure out what the entire networking meant for "Networks." The networks came out in droves... proud of who they were. No more hiding behind the OZ curtain. There was Sony, Google, Apple, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, etc and many more, including small regional sites. And everything, including the internet became more expensive.

Let's face it. Everyone is in a lifestyle group. EVERYONE. Why? Because everything we do is in someone's lifestyle. Weddings? that's a lifestyle. Travel? that's a lifestyle. Entertainment? that's a lifestyle. Food? that's a lifestyle. What is NOT a lifestyle??? Nuttin' honey.

Group synergy was weird everywhere. Groups were vying for top positions, top events, and top roles. Why? I am not sure, but I do believe that people are definitely swayed by titles and positions... just like in real world.

The battle on the internet now is between the Networks, while the rest of us just move to the next "big thing" or try to ride someone else's traffic.

What I had hoped for, I guess, is an impossible dream. Imagine. (kudos to John Lennon...) Imagine all the people...

Lyrics by John Lennon
 No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
You, you may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will live as one

I still believe this.

Thanks to John Lennon
Thanks to MetroLyrics for the lines
EMI Music Publishing for lyrics
Thanks to Google for images!
Thanks to me, raftwet jewell for the photo of WETLands

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

ART SCREAMER by Claudia222 Jewell

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

The ominous glowing yellow bud was tantalizing. 
Like a fire about to burst through its skin, the mesh flower glowed like the sun. I was on Art Screamer witnessing a revolution of creations in the virtual world of Second Life. Claudia222 Jewell, a well-known virtual artist known for her mesh creations had installed an entire region of mesh objects. 

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

A fantasy world of florals, moths, mollusks, trees, creatures and pavilions were scattered like a storybook unfolding before me. I walked the region and then I flew. Each spot beckoning me towards a fantastic place of solitude and self-reflection. The place was incredible.

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

Textures were reptilian. The plants were alive with creatures. I shuddered as I entered some of the plants to be engulfed by the cyber-textures and creepy moths (my abhorrence of moths belongs on the psych couch). Creatures with reptilian heads were moving through the land and water and some were hiding among the pavilions.

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

Claudia222 Jewell : Art Screamer

I sat on a snail-like creature near the water mollusks taking a ton of photos. I couldn't stop. I wanted to preserve this memory of Claudia's world. This is mesh. And, finally, I know what I need to do.

Interview here

Photos by: raftwet jewell


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Monday, January 16, 2012

raftwet jewell goes on and on

I often wonder why so many of us take the time and money to participate in virtual worlds like Second Life. In the last five years, I have been diligently learning how to build, how to sell, how to get land stats, how to manage groups, how to be a resident and how to cope in here. If anyone ever told me, before I created my avatar, how hard this place could be for anyone, I might have run away from this project completely.

raftwet jewell at winter holiday village 2012

So much has happened in here including friendships, love, broken relationships, bad business deals, and the rest of the shenanigans in here, that I can not believe that I am still here on this grid! It's been sometimes a rocky road and sometimes smooth sailing. But... it has never been boring. Well, until now.

I don't want to expand on that thought just yet, but all of you old avis on the grid probably know what I am talking about. The grid has become... ahem... rather sanitized. Kinda. Maybe it's just because I have been here soooo long that nothing surprises me anymore. I play in here and build. I explore places and write. I go and listen to so much virtual live music that my head spins. And, when I go clubbing, I am usually bumped to death, and it is rare to receive a hello anymore from even the hosts. (Gee, you would think I wasn't registering on the grid anymore...)

raftwet jewell at winter holiday village 2012

But, I am ready to tackle all the stuff that gets thrown at me. I will take breathers more frequently and sometimes I might not be on the grid at all. But, I do want everyone to know this... I love this place, Second Life, more than any of you will ever know. The wonder is still here no matter how sanitized it gets, the grid is alive with imagination and artful fantasy.

Now, here I go... about to start my fifth year in 2012... raftwet jewell signing off... but only until tomorrow.

Monday, December 5, 2011

raftwet jewell = rafee jewell = me!

RAFTWET Jewell in Second Life

raftwet jewell = rafee jewell = me!, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

OMG! Was I bored? LOL!

RAFTWET Jewell making faces in Second Life. This photo was taken on WETLands in world one day when I was goofing around with my SL animations.

I must apologize to everyone! I have been gone much of 2011 with projects in real world gaining much of my attention. I did try to network all the projects together, though. I never did forget all of you out there in the virtual world of Second Life. I really got waylaid from doing most of my duties that a lot of you have grown to know.

Everything this year was rather sporadic. I know this. I will try harder to be on the grid regularly. Maybe not everyday, but I will do my best to get here. My hat goes out to each and everyone of you... now I am heading over to THE A LIST! blog to write something over there...

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Xavier and Raftwet in Second Life at PeKashee

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

When Xavier came back into Second Life tonight, I was overjoyed! Oh yes, Miss Raftwet was thrilled to have her partner back again. The two avatars got dressed-up and headed over for a nice chill evening over at PeKashee for dj Bodenhall. DJ was playing a very nice set of Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Lounge... so relaxing (except I was posting pics, blogs and FB stuff... lol!).

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

We took a nice long break from the SL grid and now we are back! Refreshed and ready to work hard again for the grid and our groups, we can only promise we will do our very best!

Xavier and Raftwet at PeKashee

dj  bodenhall at PeKashee

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