Friday, January 22, 2010

Music Friends

So much is happening on the grid! New music, new musicians... new new new! I have been talking to old friends and checking out what they are doing in Second Life and in real life.

(I just did a WETLands & RiverLand video from old pictures and photos from 2007 - 2010)

A group of real life friends are hitting the success mark in music. Signing contracts with the real deal of producers, record labels and deals galore are coming their way. After years of practice, learning from others and band drama, the rewards are finally here.

My favorite band currently is the Ganglians. A psychedelic, surf band-indie rock-twisted-psycho-billy-twang-twang of dreamy music with a punk influence kinda band. Yah... they play it all. Their influences are many and when Ryan sent me the link to his post... well, I gotta share it with you.

Those of you who appreciate art and music will understand these musical links. The influences come from so many genres, and these young musicians have definitely hit a buzz out in the world. Because, I constantly hear the refrains of surf music in a lot of new music, I put together a surf-band-rockabilly-cramps kinda rafee surf playlist on my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RAFTWET & XAVIER Dancing in Second Life

Ok. We were too tired tonight for much of anything. Both of us were in admin mode working on THE A LIST! Too tired to talk to anyone except each other. Talk Talk Talk... and more talk. Strategies. Implementation. Blah blah blah...

Our avis look bored. Poor Raftwet, poor Xavier... Both avies sitting in lounge chairs at the WETLands outdoor ballroom. We had a cool jazz media stream going as we worked but... they needed to dance and both of us needed to rezz stuff! I tp'd first to my favorite sim... a little sandbox so that we could rezz some fun stuff together.

The moon was full. Quiet solitude. I put an 80's indie, alternative music stream on, and we let our avatars dance to the tunes. I put on Lonetorus's dance orb, and he put on his JMD particle hud. And, our party began.

After 100 frames or so... well, I had to make a movie. Here it is. Start dancing.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

RAFTWET Jewell Videos

My wrist is killing me and the thumb feels just as bad. Oh, it's the old carpal tunnel syndrome back to bug me again. Those of you who work on computers know what I mean. Builders in the virtual world, photo junkies, bloggers and video makers suffer the worst. We are always dropping, dragging and cutting and pasting stuff on our desktop. And, that puts a lot of pressure on the wrist and thumb.

Typing doesn't seem to hurt though so I thought I would let you all know that I have been making little videos using all my photos that I have collected these past three years. (I never could figure out the machinima stuff on my hardware system... so I leave that to you experts.) The photos are not quite an animation, but it does feel nice to watch while listening to music, too.

This first attempt shows this past Saturday night, January 16, 2010. We danced at Erotic City and listened to dj Sneaky Krugman, then over to Dance4Life for dj DDirty Adamczyk, then off to live music set for Trav McCullough and Clarice Karu, then to The Musician's Lair for Noma Falta and then back to the outdoor ballroom on WETLands.

... hope you enjoy them! Muaahhh, hugz/kizz to all!