Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! <3 to my friends

Another year in Second Life brought so many opportunities and some disappointments. This is a place where opportunity just lays there waiting for you to pick it up. The big disappointment was losing (4) water sims, but the regular sim that replaced them was well worth the change just in performance level with the Class 5 server.



I never much paid attention to my rafting groups since they seem to just grow and remain on auto pilot. Then, Xavier founded The A List! which has snowballed into a full time project that is developing everyday with new power members that seem to be the best of the best in networking projects and events on the grid. I love these people. Talented, creative and work-a-holics like the rest of us. Yes, we play and party like crazy in SL, but we are also working and multi-tasking like no corporate level position I've ever seen. These people work very hard. Kisses to all of you.


My SL family has grown into a wonderful mix of brothers, sisters, dad and my angel. Xavier is my saving grace. He has brought so much joy into my SL life and even in my real life. Logging in, I know that he is there to support me in every way he can... sometimes with a pep talk and sometimes with a kick in the pants when I am whiny or being a big drama queen. He is my rock.


A couple of people I want to thank for making my SL world so wonderful. Thanks to Ronnie, my little brother who is always there for me when I am up or down. We love to dance and try to get together between time zones. To my big brother, Stig who stood by me through thick and thin last year and this year. He is my anchor and tells me when I need to open my eyes wide. To his darling wife, Leo, who has become my confidante... gawd we help each other when the men are giving us grief. LOL!


Then there is Mackenzie, my mom/sis who just gives me frank and honest words when I need it the most. Her and her husband are two wonderful people who support all of us whenever we need it. Thank you to Mack & A3! Contact Mackenzie Koenkamp for photography and photoshop work. She just made the cover to SL Magazine. Congrats Mack!


To Pan and Arora, dear sweet friends who's support we cherish. He is the Dark Psy master DJ PAN and his spins are legendary. Both are dj's and creators here in Second Life. Most of us just wait for him to send that special tp... sometimes only once a month. He is incredible and without abrasive ego that some artists may carry. He doesn't need to... he is the best. Hugs to both Arora and Pan!


To Thomtrance and Finny, two founders of Happy Clam Island for their sweet and dear words of love and welcome to the Organica world. This place is truely a wonderous place of psy music, particles and friendly faces. They welcome everyone and their dj's are some of the best! DJ Qee, DJ Emi and DJ Shiori spin there as well as Goa Master Thomtrance O'Toole. And the performance art from DJ Alexi is cosmic and surreal.


Another great club that I've been frequenting since last year, is Divaz International House of Music... but I just call it, Divaz. To DJxHalloween for his welcome and love and providing the best club on the grid. He has mentored so many dj's and this is his awesome contribution to the music scene in SL. Divaz has no idea how many times they were there when I needed a lift the most. Love you all!


And special thanks to Dance Island formerly TJIce, for having a soft landing point for me. Each late night build was always interrupted for a break at the 24/7 party zone at DI! Deirdre and Rox, the two have made such a dynamic presence on the club scene. I swear every DJ in SL has either started there or played there. I have never heard a bad dj there... ever! Love to all the staff there!


I can't forget the grrls at Piranha. It's one of those places that you head to as part of the clubbing schedule for the evening. Everyone's is always friendly and they have awesome dj's there. Shad and Violetta own the place and I've been going there since last year. Always a party, always fun.


One singular person here has also made a huge difference in my SL world. He is a troubador. He sings with his guitar. Oh, my world here changed completely after I heard Max Kleene. His voice will break your heart, and through all the trials and tribulations of SL, there was always Max to listen to whenever I needed to just cry. I love him dearly and thank him for his beautiful music. Miss you, Max!


Okies... now for the networkers. These people are incredible. There's Digital over at Digital Nation. A gentleman and walking encyclopedia of music. His mixes are so fun and he knows how to make a party happen. Kisses to Digi. X-man loves Digi too ever since they had the stump Digi contest... you had to be there... lol (note to SnowKitty... I didn't know any of those tunes either haha!)


Queen with Underground and her stable of networkers. Ahhh, the office is just next door to Divaz. See, we are all connected. She is a brilliant avie who creates, builds, networks and parties like there's no tomorrow. Thank you Queen for your support! Contact Bridgitte Boucher for info on their group.


Hats off to my new friend, dj Stefan who is over at United Beats unifying the music and the dj's there, too. He's such a great guy that he even donates his time and money for good causes... all for the love of the music. Big up to Yura Gazov & dj Stefan!


Special thanks to my friends at DeRailed who brings the noize like no one else. DJ Daemonchadeau is probably the best noize dj on the grid. He can hold me through his entire set with me wanting more. TY Aardvark & Donna! Luvsya guys! Check out their radio stream too!


More thanks to Mr Widget, the mash-up king. His tp comes and boom I am there. Can't help it... I know its gonna be a party. And, no I really don't want to share the 10 m diameter dance floor with you all... there's only a priviledged few that get to hear him spin. He's at Musik Haus with the best tunes. The New Year party was... dare I say it? the best? Yeah, it was...


And there's 8wall. He has never steered me wrong. He always has new tracks, new ways of spinning. His beautiful loft overlooking the city is home to awesome spur of the moment parties with him just spinning whatever the heck he wants. I love it. So fun! Very private parties at 8Wall's Place... and he always has an awesome avie on his self... lol!


All the BassLine Junkiez... omg that place is a rawking sim that vibrates all through the grid. Xavier and I love this place to either start or end our evening. They have Sven for god sake... need I say more. The Beat Bunker is my favorite area on their sim. And Liqwid my favorite monkey... so sweet and so monsterous in his spins. Love love Liqwid! Waves to Eon and Reyna too for having a great sim for music. It is never boring!


And to all my new friends over at alt7 and DJ Space! He sends a tp and I know if I go, I'll be there for hours. I love the tunes he plays. Lots of the music I listen to in RL on a regular basis. Long Blondes, Arctic Monkeys, Dodgy, Ash, Baby Bird... you get my drift... yeah, I'm a pop grrl... haha! Makes me happy... this music. *smiles* Come bounce with meeeeeee!


Damn... I know I am forgetting people. Forgive me. I want to thank so many people... I could probably write a darn book just thanking people. Ahhh, I do have special kisses for Alb, Bio, Cab, & Web... they know why. And to the professor... he is the reason for me surviving here. I don't need to say anything, he already knows this. Very special thanks with my heart goes to Aosh, my very best friend in SL. No matter what, we will be friends forever. I wish you the very best always, my dear friend.


2009 is here. What next in this beautiful place called Second Life? Not sure, but I know it will always be creative, artful and full of love from my friends here in SL. EVERYONE! Happy New Year! 2009 here we goooooo! May all your dreams come true <3 <3 <3...

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