Saturday, January 24, 2009

session one club (united beats)

Ahhh... started today off with nothing much in mind, except looking for a particular hairdo that my angel likes. Yes, I do try to surprise him with different looks. I have almost all the hair from my favorite shops so I checked out some new places. I went over to Panda Mart, a collection of boutiques and small shops in an asian setting. Inexpensive clothing and accessories makes this place a great shopping stop.

Suddenly, in the middle of testing demos, I saw the little blue window appear in the top right corner of my screen. Where to now, my pretties... muaaahhhh....

stefan chrousch

DJ Stefan Chrousch, who was one of the promoters of Session One event was sending an invite to his spin over at the Haad Rin grand re-opening. I hung out there for his entire set and just about saw everyone there. Because I was excited to see so many old faces, I immediately posted that re-opening story over on SL bloggers. You can read the story about Haad Rin re-opening there on that blog.

united beats session one club

The beach scene was great and made a perfectly chill spot for me. Then, I saw the notices from Yura Gazov for the an old school techno set by DJKriz Algoma. Oooooo old techno is so fun to listen to, so I hit the TP and went over to visit.

I saw Stefan again there along with most of the Haad Rin friends, too. Kemmi was there sporting a cool t-shirt (took a pic of the back lol!) and several others including owner, Yura Gazov. The Session One club is housed in an old brick building. In a cavernous area, the dance floor is there with a dj booth. Old brick arches matching the old floor makes this a standout in clubs. The build is wonderful!

Industrial like old San Francisco SOMA district with brick, large windows, caverns, arches... the place feels like an older part of a city where artists, musicians get together to refurbish and reconstruct their living spaces, clubs, galleries or events. I really like this build a lot and it inspires.

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