Friday, February 6, 2009

love, romance; valentine's day is coming!

Well, we got both birthdays out of the way these past few weeks. Finally! His was a wild party of music and friends, and mine was a quiet-stay-at-home time reflecting on the past two years. We are now looking forward to celebrating a romantic time together this Valentine's Day.

Phatland features Phat's a beautiful jazz club designed for love and romance. Contemporary jazz with a salute to the old tunes, too, brings this club to the top among choices for Valentine's Day.

Last year, we were both at Avilion celebrating the heart, love day... giggles, but not with each other! He was with a friend and I was with a friend... and yet, we were in IM with each other... wishing each other a happy valentine's day. I remember thinking how handsome he looked... and wishing that he was my date. LOL!

Fair Chang Expo features a romantic dinner for two above the dance floor. High quality live music is featured here with jazz piano, flamenco guitar and blues, jazz vocalists.

One year has passed and we have remained both best friends and a loving couple. Wow, in Second Life, that's a loooong time. He lifts my spirits everyday. No matter what has happened, no matter the circumstance... he makes me smile. Thank you, my angel...

Phantom Rose Opera House features operatic selections every Sunday on their veranda overlooking the lake. Very romantic with beautiful music.

Grab a friend, a loved one or a buddy and go check out the romantic sims this coming week... if you don't have a significant other... then spend that Valentine's Day with the friends you love. SECOND LIFE LOVE
Pillow Talk is a retail store nestled in the clouds featuring romantic poses for couples using their famous pillows.


Avilion Ballroom was our message from the SL gods last year that we were meant to be together... and this Valentine's Day... we will be.

For more romantic places in Second Life, check the resources on The A List!

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