Saturday, March 14, 2009

April Fool's Art Contest

Second Life is a place where the "picture" really does speak a thousand words. The creators and the artists make a wonder of each place, each site, each sim. We take pictures. Thousands of them. Individually and collectively as groups. 

Most of us have accounts with Yahoo's Flickr or Google's photo storage site, Picasa. I have almost 14,000 photos in my flickr account alone. It is an obscene passion... one that is relentlessly drawing me to that click of the camera button. I can't help taking the pictures. 

I'm not a photographer... when I see Antonio Goya's photography... that's art... or viewing Ancil Adam's photographs of Yosemite Valley... pure art.

I received this poster from premier artist and photographer, Cienega Soon, an artist and photographer. Tomorrow, starting March 15th through March 25th midnight, you can submit your photographic work to the April Fool's Art Contest brought to you by Jazz by the Sea Gallery. The winners will have their work featured through the month.

Grand prize is L$2,000 plus the entrance fees. A goodly amount for just a little bit of work. Second place and third place will receive L$1,500 and L$1,000 respectively.

For questions and information contact: Jazz Calhern and Cienega Soon.
Poster by Cienega Soon

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