Sunday, August 23, 2009

aoshiscofield paine

Doko? ここで、芸術とは?

aoshiscofield paine, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

aoshiscofield paine at starz a...

Speaking of art... my friend Aoshiscofield Paine just had a wonderful show at Starz Art Corner. There was a party and it was a lot of fun.

feathers bay gallery auction

I also got a head's up on Feather's Bay Gallery auction from Bryn Oh's group. The work there is brilliant! I especially loved the angel and the embryo... I'm going back before the deadline to place a bid on a few items.

art auction at feathers bay ga...

There are so many artists and galleries... I love S&S Gallery for the sheer volume of the artists there.

s&s gallery art and artists

art gallery in virtual world s...

Kelly Yap gallery is a stunning building in itself. Artful architecture and the works there are also beautifully done.

surreal art at kelly yap artis...

Another is CMC Designs, where sculptures are created with no concern for prim count. Many have said that Chuckmatrix is a young Starex!

cmc gallery : chuckmatrix clip...

Zero Point built by Sabine Stonebender is an art piece in itself. A glorious build of flowing textures and eye-popping design.

zero point builder sabine ston...

Many incredible artists have caught my eye here in Second Life. The Virtual World is full of creators of incredible depth and magnitude. You have to see it to appreciate the artwork.
Raftwet Jewell, the first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!

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