Monday, February 22, 2010

JAPAN RESORT is my ...

Japan Resort is my home away from home. It's been three years since I found this little island on the Second Life grid. I still remember how I found it...

The first week of my SL experience, I spent time doing searches for my favorite subjects and places. Of course, I looked for anything Japanese or asian related. Japan Resort was at the top of the searches, so I tp'ed into the sim.

A vast expanse of beach with a small sign proclaiming "Japan Resort" rezzed in front of me. Next to the rezz area was a little ice cream stand with a simple chair. A bunch of avatars were just standing around there chatting. Some were dressed as fierce cyber warriors or dragons or creatures. Most were in regular clothes like me.

Off in the distance, I could see a tiki bar, hammocks and rafts near the beach side. And, a lifeguard station with surf boards and wind surfers were nearby. As I walked along the beach, I saw a pink cherry blossom tree with a pool and spa across the way. Many avatars were sitting in the pool and chatting away with each other. The event area is always a party zone with people stopping in for a dance or just to meet others.

I met my best friend here at Japan Resort. And, I also met my first love here. I have met so many people at Japan Resort that I could possibly say that my closest and dearest relationships were all formed here.

JR is a simple place without the fanfare of much of the grid. But, the place is more complex that any other... why? Because it is a place of real relationships and real people... a gathering place of international people reaching out for fun and human contact.

Thank you Japan Resort for all these years of fun!

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