Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quality Avatars

There has been a phrase going around the grid lately that almost makes me chuckle when I hear it. "Quality Avatar" is a reference to avis who are not only invested in the grid but have dedicated their art, music, creations and places to the rest of us.


They give their time wholeheartedly and expose themselves in a raw fashion to let us glimpse their own souls. Their art, music, creations reflect their passion for the virtual world. What they give is so personal and so freely that many times it brings me to tears.


I have met many of them. And they have given me so much. They have given me hope that no matter what evil people do here, it will always be over shadowed by the good that the "quality avatars" bring.

bunnyken in second life

Last night, I was honored to be at The Pocket, an original live music venue. What I saw in that gathering was a group of quality avis who I know are quality human beings. They support each other, they plan and bring the best of the grid to us, and they spend their real money here, investing in the grid.

art sculptures at wetlands

ColeMarie Soleil was wailing an emo-style set of her own music. She is raw and honest in her delivery. I met her many moons ago back in 2007 at an art performance. That gathering of artists was an introduction to the incredible offerings of Second Life. I realized then that the art I loved and participated in real life could be accomplished here.


What I hope for myself is that I can remember their example and continue to give to this grid, too. Sometimes, and especially, lately, I have almost given up hope that this grid can be a place of sharing and collaboration. Last night made me feel positive again that this is truly a possibility.


ColeMarie Soleil said...

I am not emo -_- *thwacks you* it was mostly a grunge set XD but thank you for the sweetness... was an amazing turnout of some super talented artists last night... I was super touched to say the least ^_- merci

RAFTWET Jewell in Virtual World of Second Life! said...

yah... genres can overlap.
buzzz... the set was amazing!
Cole... record co will be knocking on your door...
you are a soooooper talented artist!