Monday, May 31, 2010

maximillion kleene as cyber warrior in second life

Maximillion Kleene as Cyber Warrior in Second Life

maximillion kleene as cyber warrior in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

max kleene as cyber warrior

maximillion kleene in second life in cyber avatar costume

Speaking of silly... we're we? LOL! I stopped off at The Herban Pipe club to catch Maximillion Kleene do a live music concert.

max kleene in avatar costume

the herbon pipe venue for music

herbon pipe club in second life

Hmm... he was wearing a purple and lime green cyber warrior costume. Explaining that this was an oldie but goodie outfit, he talked about his early days of Second Life.

raftwet jewell at max kleene concert

raftwet at maximillion kleene concert

His concert put a smile on my face as I listened to his tunes. I still remember the first time I heard him waaaay back in 2007. He sounds even better now than ever before! Love ya, Max!

Raftwet Jewell in Virtual Metaverse
raftwet jewell in blogger
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raftwet jewell in twitter
the a list! in second life

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