Monday, May 17, 2010

through the eyes of mathematics

Life Art Gallery

through the eyes of mathematics, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

life art gallery

sculpties at life art gallery

mathematics applied to art

Right brain meets left brain is one of the reasons I love Second LIfe. 
Artists here are also scripters and mathematicians as they apply the tenets of their science to their artwork.

elros tuominen at life art gallery

sculpture building samples

mathematics at life art gallery

life art gallery paintings  
I stumbled upon this gallery the other night during a late night break from building. 
You can find it listed in the showcase in search

life art gallery dinner party installation

life art gallery sculptures

life art gallery art

jonathan kazan at life art gallery  
Life Art Gallery is an explanation of mathematics applied to the wonders of the building process here in SL. It is a divine place for those of us with a math and science background touring through the magic of building in the virtual metaverse. Check it out! Math and Art! Woot!

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the a list! in second life

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