Friday, July 23, 2010

raftwet jewell in second life

rafee at  kasbah : sunglasses by [Gos]

raftwet jewell in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

I just loaded the new update for viewer 2. The rezz time seems much faster now. But, I am still missing prims off of my shoes and parts of my hair when I log into a venue that is exceptionally busy.

I tested the new viewer at Lion's Gate, Jenna Dirval's new venue for live music. There was approximately 50+ avatars there. I crashed when I turned on the stream... poof, with no warning.

When I came back, everything rezzed immediately except for one small patch of hair at the back of my head. LOL! I was even able to take photos without the usual gray blobs. So, I am a happy picture taker once again.

They did fix the annoying orbit-zoom-pan thingy at the bottom... now both horizontal/veritical and orbit are there without having to click back and forth. (I just wish I knew how to make that block image smaller).

My inventory still does that annoying bounce when I am trying to do a search or scroll. Please fix that! It is very dangerous as I work very quickly and have inadvertently deleted important stuff when I meant to delete a duplicate object. Now, before I delete my trash; I quickly scan the entire trash list just in case!

I do like this viewer (please don't send daggers and arrows my way peeps) as it keeps my desktop very neat and tidy when I am building. Notices and IM's are not as annoying (much to the chagrin of all the marketers) and I can focus when I am working.

A few things are kinda buggy... the inventory bouncy thing is super borked. And, my inventory load is very slow. I usually have to log in two to three times for everything to load. Sometimes, half my inventory is missing... luckily, I am not a newbie or that would freak me out! After a second log in, everything seems to come back.

As with anything new, people will complain. I always look forward to doing things different and new. It keeps my mind challenged and makes the time here fresh. I am used to this viewer now, and, I am comfortably building with it. So, thank you Linden Lab... keep pressing forward until you guys get it totally right. I see the light now at the end of the tunnel... and the future looks bright.

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