Sunday, November 14, 2010

B&W Photography Gallery show : Pride & Diversity

B&W Photography on Castro region

B&W Photography Gallery show : Pride & Diversity, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Brady Rowell and Wesley Arbenlow have formed a partnership in a new art gallery featuring their photography.

Pride & Diversity : B&W Photo Collection

B&W Photography on Castro region

Well-done and reasonably priced, their photo work can be hired easily by contacting them directly.

brady rowell and wesley arbenlow

B&W Photography

Inside, the gallery, there is a rate sheet for weddings and personal photos. Go check out Brady and Wesley's gallery.

B&W Photography by Brady & Wesley

B&W Photography in Second Life

(Pssst... Brady did my wedding photos! and thanks to Mack for her referral on this great photographer!)

B&W Photography

Location: B&W Photography
Castro (238, 199, 40)

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