Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cherry manga art sculpture at mysterious wave

Cherry Manga Art Sculpture at Mysterious Wave

cherry manga art sculpture, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

cherry manga art

Five visits and I finally feel like I have absorbed the art work there at Mysterious Wave. But, each time I go back, I see something new or different... or am I different this time?

furniture at mysterious waves

mysterious wave art in second life

Cherry Manga has been a favorite artist since I first saw her 2-dimensional work back in 2007. Several of her works hang in the corporate homes peppered around the grid. And, I have saved the best pieces for my regions: [WETLands (128, 128, 23)]

le bout du monde : mysterious wave

landscape at mysterious wave

Her work speaks volumes. It whispers and shouts many things, but those are very personal, and I won't discuss them here. Just go to her latest installation on Mysterious Wave,  a place dedicated to her minimal art.

cherry manga "the puppeteer"

raftwet jewell at mysterious wave

Bring a friend, but I suggest that you go alone. Spend time there sitting and experiencing the art. I think I have about 8 hours into the place, and I want to go back again. 

All photos taken by raftwet jewell for this blog post.
Many thanks to Cherry Manga and the other artists at Mysterious Wave for their beautiful artwork!

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