Thursday, January 13, 2011

FaceBook and THE A LIST!

Many of us have taken to the social network of FaceBook. This is a network that has the majority of the world spending incredible amounts of time socializing and sharing information. Mark Zuckerberg's baby has become a must-have on the desktop, laptop and phone. So, last year, I took THE A LIST! there, too.

WETLANDS Outdoor Ballroom

Second Life has an official page there with over 100,000 plus friends and users. So, it is an important network, and I would advise that you create a profile and a business page for your interests. THE A LIST! is announcing many of our notices and events there, too. FaceBook is another place to get the word out about your djs, clubs, venues, live musicians, events, artists and anything you need to tell the world.

You can also enhance our efforts by hitting the "Like" tab on each of our business pages: THE A LIST! and RAFTWET Jewell's business pages in FaceBook. We will all grow so that our numbers grow, too.

I have also set up THE A LIST! flickr group for Second Life; a place to add your photos about your own places in Second Life and the events that you want to publicize. What I will do is pump up those groups through FaceBook, Twitter, and many other social networks for your interests. The group is an invite only, but all you have to do is hit the invite, and I will add you. Please note that all photos submitted must be PG Content Only.

xavier, raftwet at dale katscher concert

If you send a notice out in THE A LIST! in Second Life please make it less than 420 characters (I think that is the limit) as FaceBook does not allow longer shouts. And, if you want to send out your own shout, you can do that by just joining us there on FaceBook and do your own notice.

I will edit your shouts from the SL notices, so please make sure it has Artist Name, Time of Event, Genre, Dress Code and Where the thingy is otherwise, avatars may be confused when they see it on Twitter or Tumblr or another blog. (Update: please add slurl to your info as I may be FB'ing your notice offline through my email. Ex: [Name of your Region] (128, 128, 23)

If you send out funny characters in the notice, please note that the RSS feed will be borked. The info will not stream throughout the universe of the internet, and you will end up missing out on expanding your own networks.  Each of you want to cultivate anyone out there that might be interested in your venues and artists. Besides, I don't want to make an error in editing your important information!

BALLROOM DANCING : xavi, rafee

If you have any questions, let me know. We (Xavi & Rafee) are both here to help!

<3 Rafee <3

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