Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seth Regan aka Mankind Tracer

Many thanks to Seth Regan, Mankind Tracer and Kalli Birman for their information below:

"Mankind Tracer has been labeled "Second Life's Premiere Rock Performer" for good reason. For almost four years, Mankind Tracer has stood above most, providing more than just an amazing voice and guitar skills. Most of his shows are driven by audience requests and participation, which adds an abundance of fun to every concert, making each one a unique experience! This is Mankind's first venture into having a video created inside SL to one of his most popular originals.

For examples of Mankind's music please visit his You Tube Channel:

This amazing video was produced by Kaya Angel, owner of the much loved Rose Theatre at the Angel Manor sim. Kaya has been in SL for almost 6 years and in that time he has built The Rose Theatre on Angel Manor, created a line of furniture, produced videos and is working on creating venues and homes. The Rose is a long respected and loved venue in SL that likes to explore what performance can be in SL when real life production techniques are used.

To view other videos filmed by Kaya, please visit his You Tube channel:

Kaya Angel, owner/builder The Rose Theatre

We will be holding the video premier party on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 2pm slt in the ballroom of The Rose Theatre. This will be a formal dress event and capacity will be limited to 50 people.


2:00 pm - Mankind Tracer performing live.
2:45 pm - Mankind & Kaya will say a few words.
3:00 pm - Video Premier
3:05 pm - Q&A about the video (have questions prepared ahead)

If you have any questions before the video premier please contact Kalli Birman in SL via notecard or by email at"

Posted this public information from Mankind Tracer and Kalli Birman for this blog by raftwet jewell.
More info on THE A LIST! and flickr photos

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