Friday, April 29, 2011

xavier and raftwet in second life

RAFTWET Jewell in Second Life

xavier and raftwet in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

The grid has changed so much! Multiple updates on the new Viewer 2.0 have my head swimming as new functions and interface have been developed. The only complaint I have is the annoying "bounce" in inventory when it is loading or when I try to open up a folder. But, they will fix it. A lot of stuff has been fixed recently... and more to come!

I've been concentrating on a lot of new things on the grid and also working on several new projects in the real world, too. So, I haven't been on the grid as much as I usually am though I don't seem to have missed much!

Summer is looming on the horizon and I expect the grid to expand with new citizens as school lets out and more and more people hop on board to our fast moving platform in Second Life.

Both of us are looking forward to this summer! See you all at the next party, event or festival. We look forward to new regions, new friends and new interests as this grid changes, morphs and expands into every aspect of everyone's lifestyle!

Here we goooooooooo! Summer of 2011 is coming fast!
ps. I turned the surf waves on over on RiverLand. Shhhh... it's a well-kept secret!

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