Thursday, May 14, 2009

flax cuttita at hard core

I met Flax Cuttita at the first Teknival in Second Life. He, like the rest of us were fans of the hard core or hardstyle trance. I also run into him at DJ Isithedreamaker's club Domina Disco.

Today Flax sent a tp for a new club called Hard Core... hmm, I wonder what kind of music??? LOL! The hard core, or hardstyle trance was beckoning, so I hit that tp so fast! When I got there I commenced to dancing to DJ Steveo Ducrot's cool tunes. Weeeeeee!

Hard Core is a beautifully built club presented by owner, Pawelek Benelli with a nod to technology, spaceships and cyberspace. I just saw the Star Trek movie and this club could be on the hull of the Enterprise. A very big party could happen here since the club is large. I stayed way too long... even after posting the pictures and blog... hardstyle is very addicting. The hard beats get your body moving and it's so hard to stop! Woooot!

hard core party in second life

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