Thursday, May 7, 2009

wet builders on wetlands

My focus lately has been on WETLands as Riverland is nearly done... well, at least, I am not tearing anything apart over there, yet. WETLands was a snowy landscape for the last few months in honor of the snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas. And now, it is back to springtime!

Building is fun for me. Because I built this place with a lot of love, I thought I would put the old Love Sculpture on WETLands, too. I made that Love Sculpture back in 2007, refined it when I met my angel in 2008, placed it on Riverland and now, I rezzed it over WETLands. It looks cool over the water and land at the midnight setting.

The Love Sculpture is appropriate because of my love of Second Life, my love of building, my love of the water and my love of my SL husband and partner. Love is appropriate for my land and everything I build... and looking at this sculpture in the sky reminds me of all the love in my heart.

The first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!

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