Monday, May 4, 2009

Kings Rezzable : King Tut Virtual

There is a lot of debate going on recently about education in the virtual world. In Second Life, educators, universities and other learning institutions are using the grid to cut costs and to present information to a world wide audience of potential learners.

Education is big here, but could be a lot larger in scope. I can't believe that some universities in the world are still not here, yet. Why? Is it because of perceived notions? Or is it because of the difficult learning curve?

I just went to a Rezzable sim today to preview the King Tut Virtual. Rezzable artists are well known in SL as premiere builders. This presentation of the boy king is beautiful. Not only is the landscape done as a desert environment, but the Cosmic Gallery is an experience in itself.

Be patient and try to walk everything. On the Cosmic Gallery walkway of baby blue stars, the pathway takes you on a visual display of the tomb's contents. Gorgeous rendering of the images allows you to study the details up close with your camera view.

I took a bunch of pictures of the Cosmic Gallery walk. Most of the photos are on my koinup for raftwet jewell. Take a look at the pics and then use the handy teleporter slurl at the bottom of the post to go check out the King Tut images.

Any student presented with this display will want to learn more about this historical character and how he lived. The King Tut Virtual is a presentation of what Second Life is about... education in the virtual world.

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