Sunday, May 31, 2009

we have total betty fun!

rafee in total betty fashion, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.
dress by : Total Betty

rafee in total betty at the sa...

We are definitely a crazy pair of fun loving avatars. Xavier Thiebaud and my avi, Raftwet Jewell have been running non-stop across the grid partying at new places and meeting new friends.

raftwet jewell dancing at blac...
Jacket by : Sey 
Site : Blackhearts

We both love to dance, explore and shop at the best places. And our friends are supportive and nice to us so we love them, and we send them back our support, too.

immersiva fans, rafee & aoshi
Site : Immersiva

The virtual world is fast pace and sometimes overwhelming, but all we do is focus on our love for each other... and that's a nice focus, indeed!

rafee, xavier at !B Designs

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