Thursday, June 4, 2009

WETLands by raftwet jewell

A long and winding road... that's the road I took in this virtual world. I could have made this so much easier on myself if I would have taken building and scripting classes. But, noooo, I had to do it the hard way. Shyness is an affliction. It has waylaid me several times. Too shy to even IM someone sometimes, unless I had a specific question or info to give. I am braver now. Thanks to the encouragement from others. I remember Tasty telling me once, "...just ask!" And she was right... I just had to ask.

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Building WETLands, RiverLand

WETLands RiverLand sims

My sims, WETLands and RiverLand are essentially done... at least for now. I already want to tear out a section and replace the build with something else. I am sure that will go on forever... the building, the de-construct and rebuilding again... you see something somewhere on the grid, and you want that on your sim. Building this place will go on and on.

WETLands, RiverLand in Virtual...

I opened WETLands with no fanfare. I just clicked the public box one day. I am still adding things and subtracting, but it is finally opened to the public. It's a relaxing place, because I built it for myself. There are lots of rivers and streams to float and raft or kayak. I even put in a cool waterslide. The slide has inner tubes and you can just hit the ocean and keep lazily floating around the entire sim. I'll be opening RiverLand sim this week...

WETLands, Riverland in Virtual...

Tu Dae, over at Northland scripted my rafts. Just jump in and take off through all the rivers and waterways. Lastping Asp from Ground3D created the pedal boats for couples to just ride all around the sim and ocean. Guiles Tidewater's GT Whitewater system is so cool for the kayaks. It's so real that I got dizzy with vertigo while paddling the whitewater. I gotta practice some more.

WETLands, Riverland in Virtual...

So many people helped me throughout the past couple years. I want them... no I need them to know how much I appreciate their work, their creations. Their encouragement and their own sims were inspirations to me. And, of course, in real life, the rivers have always been a constant in my life and in my art.

WETLands RiverLand sims

Eventually, I will have a party... if I ever get around to planning one! Enjoy WETLands with a friend. Cuddle a while and play in the water. I welcome everyone! I'll see you on the river!

wetlands peace, tranquility, l...

Tu Dae, Northland sim
Lastping Asp, Ground3D
Guiles Tidewater, GT Whitewater System
Damen Hax, Optikal
Ulrico Hax, UHS
Neil Protaganist, sculptures RiverLand
Elros Touminen, sculpture RiverLand
Glyph Graves, sculptures RiverLand
Olympia Rebus, sculptures WETLand
Chuckmatrix Clip, sculptures WETLand
Bryn Oh, sculpture WETLand
Cherry Manga, sculptures WETLand
WET Builders, luv to you all <3 FMF Videos
Xavier Thiebaud, my partner, my muse

Love you all! <3 Rafee <3

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