Saturday, July 18, 2009

sl opera house presents "summer in japan"

second life opera house

sl opera house presents "summer in japan", originally uploaded by rafeejewell

sl opera house

second life opera house



Second Life Opera House is a glorious build resembling a real opera house. Lush velvet curtains and chairs decorate the place with old world textures and murals on the ceilings. Very grand, very elegantly done...



July 18, 2009, today is a special presentation by SL Opera House. Yoshiwara Okiya's Geisha Show presents "Summer in Japan." With traditional koto music and dancers gracefully waving fans and moving in kimonos, the dance was a delight to watch.


Mixing traditional strains with more contemporary riffs, the koto was ripping. I kid you not. Whoever was playing was strumming and plucking the strings as if they were Slash from Guns n Roses. Ha! Gawd, it was incredible. There was such a mix of sounds... I swore the person must have been a mash-up dj. Love it!


There was a great mix in the crowd, too from ballgowns and tuxedos to shorts and tshirts. The classics attract everyone who appreciates fine art, great music, awesome dancing and beautiful costumes. What more can you ask from a show? Enjoy it! The opera is alive in the virtual world of Second LIfe!


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