Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogs and Blogging

Let's face it. Writer's are a particular breed of people. And bloggers are even stranger. We write about the minutea. We write with passion. We think what we have to say might be important or relevant to someone in the universe or we just need to get those words down in black and white.

I read a few blogs religiously. Others are tossed to the wayside... been there, done that. My own blogs are written with a business slant, promoting and networking other blogs and businesses. Two that I read are for my work. They are written by two gurus, and their words are important to me. I read them and their words are etched into my mind.

Matt Cutts and Guy Kawasaki. Two leaders. Two, who have a vision and insight rare to most. They are my gods. But, I also read fluff. Those silly bloggers who just keep me in stitches...


I met Marcophoto Upshaw a long time ago at Dance Island. He used to hang out there, flirting with the ladies. His outrageous flirting and commentary used to keep the entire dance floor laughing. His personality just seemed to overshadow the others in the room. Then, he became security for DI.

His attitude about security was one that made me feel safe dancing at this very large club. If a male avatar was bothering me (you know what I mean, girls... the guy that slides up from no where and grinds on your avatar with no regard to manners), Marco would slide up and get in between and then ask in public chat, "Rafee, are you ok?"

Marco was wonderful that way. All the girls loved him because he truly respected us. And he made sure the guys on the dance floor respected us, too. Yes, he was an outrageous flirt with a mouth full of double entrendres, but he never was disrespectful to anyone.

DANCE ISLAND : virtual world second life

One night, he and I were talking, and he said that I had inspired him. I had written some blogs about Dance Island... there was always something funny happening there. He said he was going to write a few stories of his own experiences at DI and the SL grid. He was going to give the notecard to all his friends.

When I got that first notecard, I must have laughed until the tears rolled. It was really funny. I told him that he had an awesome idea, and he should consider doing a real blog with Blogger. At the time, he thought it was easier to just send the notecards... well, we all waited for those little notecards everyday... waiting for the stories, the funny anectdotes.

Marco joined The A List! group recently. He is a full-fledged blogger now. That little notecard? Well, it morphed into 16,000 subscribed readers. Giggles. I guess a lot of us like reading his missives. His story about his family dog getting skunked or the recent post about the hug hud... roflmao.

I don't follow many blogs. Most, I usually just bookmark. Marco's is one that I follow, and I subscribe. It is hilarious and makes the virtual world of Second Life seem so precious... funny little moments that only we, avatars can appreciate.

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