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Ballet Pixelle supported by IBM

BALLET PIXELLE, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.


Dancer Auditions for Ballet Pixelle
(formerly Second Life Ballet)

Second Life ~

“If you have the chance to sit it out or dance . . .Dance!”

Ballet Pixelle has opportunities for dancers to join this dedicated company of artists in Second Life. This is a unique opportunity to blend the best of artistic and technical worlds, creating performances that stretch dance and storytelling possibilities within the ballet tradition.

The company performs original ballets choreographed by Inarra Saarinen to music created for each ballet by SL musicians. Performances are twice a week at Ballet Pixelle’s theatre in the IBM sim. In addition to the performance schedule, each ballet requires several weeks of rehearsal.

Poseballs and automatic animations are not used in Ballet Pixelle performances. Dancers move independently, enacting steps and gestures coordinated with the rest of the cast and to the music. For example, a typical rehearsal period during creation of a new ballet is 3 to 4 months with two or more rehearsals a week each lasting approximately two hours.  We all have First Lives, but to be fair to the company and the collaborative nature of our work, Ballet Pixelle must be considered a priority. Professionalism and serious commitment are required; a sense of humor is appreciated :-)

Dancers who want to test the experience have an opportunity at the Second Life 5th Birthday exhibit space of Ballet Pixelle. In the center of the exhibit space a dance floor with “follow the footsteps” shoeprints invites visitors to pick up a package of three Ballet Pixelle animations and dance by sequencing them along the choreographic diagram. This activity provides a sense of the way Ballet Pixelle dancers work in performance. 

Auditions will be held Sunday, January 17 at 5pm SLT 
at Ballet Pixelle's Home Theatre http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quat/33/24/106


Applicants should be mature in First Life and have at least six months experience in Second Life.

It is preferred that dancers know some basic ballet and theater terminology.

In addition, participants should have Second Life skills including how to change clothing and skin, transform shape including gender, and move fluidly in three dimensional space and rez basic objects.

At the audition:

Come dressed in something simple such as a leotard, preferable a solid single color. Do not wear shoes with heels. Do not wear anything with bling.  Do not wear tutus or dress as a character.

We will audition dancers individually, but other auditioners may sit in the audience. 

You will be given animations at the audition. You do not need animations, gestures, or a HUD.

We welcome all interested dancers for consideration. Our cast and crew enjoy this tremendously satisfying and exciting creative process. Register your interest by sending a completed copy of the notecard in the box or send a notecard with details to Calia Cachin. 

Our thanks to IBM for hosting Ballet Pixelle.



Ballet Pixelle has a number of open and understudy crew positions for 2010.  Applications are accepted by Amelie Dibou, Ballet Mistress.  Please put your name and position in the title of the notecard.

Ballet Pixelle is a professional Second Life AND Real Life Company that requires a serious commitment in time and dedication.

We are looking for commitment first and foremost -- you MUST be able to attend almost all scheduled rehearsals (so we don't have to repeat) and almost each scheduled performance (so we don't scramble at the last minute).  If you cannot, please do not apply or accept a role.  Although we all have First Lives, Ballet Pixelle is also considered a priority.  

But this is a fabulous and creative team with humor and fun!  Pay in applause.

=> Currently, Americas zone has one performance a week on Sundays at 5pm SLT.  With pre-curtain and rehearsals on Wednesdays, that is about four-five hours a week. An extra show may be added during the holidays.  Flexibility and reliability are important.  

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Handles  publicity, including coordinating with web site, Events listing, posters, in SL.  Also handles RL public relations with major international dance and art magazines, TV shows, professional conferences.  Writes and distributes Press Releases.  Assists Director and coordinates public pelations.  RL and SL experience required.  Must be over 6 months old, good with people and contacts, and an excellent writer.

MC:  Runs the show from an audience point of view.  Speaks extemporaneous and  previously scripted explanations of the ballet via a HUD, provides ad lib patter, and facilitates the post-show question & answer session.  Multi-lingual helpful; HUD may be used.  Must be over 2 months old.

SET/LIGHTS MANAGER:  Runs the sets for many performances.  Handles rez-faux boxes and activates curtain/scrim changes via a HUD during show.  Timing is critical and may work with recorded or live sound.  May also handle props.  Responsible, and must show up for each show scheduled.  Knowledge of builds preferred.  Must be over 4 months old.

COSTUME DESIGNER:  Designs costumes with the Artistic Director and works with the Wardrobe Mistress to maintain costumes, accessories, and props.  This is a serious position and requires a great deal of experience.  Costumes go through a number of iterations.  Must be able to work with entire Company.  All costumes must work carefully with original movement animations.  Must be over 9 months old and have designed and created pieces for men and women.  

SOUND ENGINEER / MANAGER:  Runs sound for many performances and rehearsals.  Must be comfortable with Shoutcast, Winamp, and Media setttings on land.  Playlists can be used.  Working from stage management cues is essential since the dancers do not work with poseballs but truly dance with the music.  Must be over 6 months old.

STAGE MANAGER:  Runs the entire performance and must be present when scheduled.  Primarily responsible for calling cues -- getting dancers in costume, in places, cueing music, set, lights, spot, curtain/scrim, and MC.  May also assist the Director, as needed.  Responsible, calm in the presence of crisis, able to make decisions before and during show, and must be organized.  RL theatre/dance experience needed.  Must be over 6 months old.

SPOT OPERATOR:  Ability to run a tracking spot via HUD and understand and be responsive to stage management cues.  Must be over 2 months old.

USHER:  Helps people find seats.  Explains and answers some technical questions for example getting a playbill when sitting, turning on music player.  Helps choose usher costumes for performances.  Minimal time required.  Male or female.  Must be over 1 month old.

IM Amelie Dibou with a notecard entitled:

include your qualifications,
and your time zone,
and your ability to commit to times.

Thanks to Inarra Saarinen for the information and press release above.
Please contact her directly for any questions.

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