Thursday, April 8, 2010

PG Groups and Me

Jake's Club Resort : Second Anniversary Carnivale!
carnivale outdoors at jakes cl...

Recently, Xavier and I went to Jake's Club Resort to celebrate with the boys their second Anniversary. JakeC Hotshot and partner, Baz Ceawlin held a Carnivale to celebrate their success. A great party with close friends that reminded me of how fun SL can be as a user-friendly place. I took the shot above of the wonderful outdoor display against the setting sun.

Kelly Yap Art Gallery
waterfall sculpture detail at ...

I am writing today to clarify a couple of restrictions in my groups here in Second Life, koinup and other directories. I administer PG groups only. There are enough mature and adult groups out there, and I applaud their efforts. But, for me, my groups are PG.

HPMD Winterfest
xavier, raftwet exploring HPMD...

In koinup, I have several groups that highlight the OUTDOORS, WATER, RIVERS, SPORTS, CLUBS, and THE A LIST!. All are PG.

WETLANDS region in Second Life
wetlands region second life

I just spent 2 hours deleting beautiful photography from a couple of group members that showed frontal nudity and nude back shots. I had asked them before not to send them into my groups. I am sure they sent them in inadvertently as I know how easy it is to forget group rules when you belong to many.

Templum Obscurum
templum ex obscurum

I figure that to take a photo of a calendar pinup shot is a focus that has been done over and over again. But, to capture the emotion and feeling of the above groups, takes an effort without titillating the audience over frontal nudity or toush shots. Been there, seen it already...

Surfing in Second Life
rafee surfing waves in second ...

The avatars in all the metaverse are some of the most creative people I have ever met. Their art is profound, provacative and artful. I just want to keep my groups PG because I think it has a far greater audience and scope. Besides, in the digital world, isn't the naked avi kind of a boring shot anyway?

Eggsactly in Second Life
waterfalls and psy colors at e...

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