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Ballet Pixelle presents AVATARA

Ballet Pixelle presents AVATARA

Ballet Pixelle presents AVATARA, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Ballet Pixelle 



Final show: Aug 22, 2010 on Sunday
5pm SLT


Finale party at Alien Lounge after show

w/ dj Frank Eizenhart

Second Life -- Premiere Date: June 2010

Ballet Pixelle™ (formerly Second Life Ballet) will premiere its ninth  work “Avatara” in June 2010.  Ballet Pixelle™ is the first performing ballet company in the virtual global community Second Life.  Says the Company's founder, Inarra Saarinen, “As artistic director of the Company since its inception, I have enormous pride in Ballet Pixelle™.  Our goal is to investigate and explore the interaction and intersection of physical and virtual dance.  We are excited to celebrate the future of dance.  We are dancing into the digital future!”

Before there was Second Life, there were avatars...

Avatāra (Sanskrit for "descent") refers to a deliberate descent of a deity from heaven to earth, and is mostly translated into English as "incarnation", but more accurately as "appearance" or "manifestation".  Isn't that what it would be if a virtual being became a physical being?  And if a physical being became a virtual being...

A real, physical dancer wonders what it would be like to exist in a virtual world where she could move past her physical bodily limits --- without regard to her joints and muscles.  And without physics limits -- to hover and fly at will.  Is there such a place?   Can she visit?  What a memory to hold!


Members of Ballet Pixelle™ come together from all over the world, Japan, Europe, and North America.  Animations are created by Inarra Saarinen and put into dance phrases.  There are no artifical synchronizing devices and the dancers truly perform dancing with each other and the music.  Each performance is truly live and unique, and takes advantage of the characteristics of Second Life to extend the art of the ballet in new directions. “Avatara” is the ninth and newest ballet in the Ballet Pixelle™ (formerly Second Life Ballet) repertoire.  Come see it and participate in this innovative artform.

Performances take place on Sundays at 5:00pm SLT at the Ballet Pixelle Theatre
Come early because seats fill quickly.


For More Information

For more information on Ballet Pixelle™, search for the group "Ballet Pixelle" in Second Life and join the group to receive notices of all performances, auditions, newsletters, and other news and invitations.  There is also a Subscribe Service in the theatre which allows you to receive notices.

Web site is: www.balletpixelle.org
MySpace page: myspace.com/balletpixelle
Facebook as Ballet Pixelle

Machinimas (videos) and information on previous ballets, information on auditions, current Company members bios and photos, newsletters, press and reviews, etc are available on these sites.

For Ballet Pixelle™ work done under the name Second Life Ballet you can search YouTube for Second Life Ballet or see the www.balletpixelle.org website.

Written by Inarra Saarinen for Ballet Pixelle in Second Life


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