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Umbrellas, Winner of Peoples Choice at UWA Art and Design Challenge

"Umbrellas" by Nishi Mip shown at UWA Art and Design Challenge

Umbrellas, Winner of People's Choice at UWA Art and Design Competition, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

My favorite! Nishi Mip "Umbrellas"

raftwet jewell at UWA Winner Nishi Mip's Umbrellas

Nishi Mip's "Umbrellas"

University of Western Australia just held their UWA 3D Art and Design competition. Allowing the people to choose their favorite artists and giving them awards, UWA encourages artists in Second Life to create digitally what can only be done here.
Nishi Mip art at UWA, my second favorite!

My very favorite was Nishi Mip's works. Her "Umbrellas" was the People's Choice 1st Place Award, but I also loved her other piece with the robots housed inside a strange orange cubicle of programmed lights. What a remarkable artist she is!

UWA Alizarin Goldflake art maze

Another favorite was Uby Ifu's "Tristan Areless" avatar. Amazingly real, as real as an avatar can be; the piece made me smile.

UWA "Tristan Areless" by UBY IFU

Glyph Graves at UWA




With the arts suffering world wide from a lack of government and consumer support due to economic woes, I was glad to see that education and UWA step in to support the artists here.

the a list! owners xavier and raftwet at UWA

xavier, raftwet at UWA art & design competition

Xavier and Raftwet at Nishi Mip's "Umbrellas"


UWA Voting Wall of Artists

Thank you to UWA for their wonderful art and design competition. Here is the notecard info that you can collect at the show. To the left of the voting wall, you will find a click and receive board for a notecard full of information. Here is what it says:

(Scroll to bottom of card for list of entries as shown on vote board)
How To Vote

1. You have up to 3 votes to give.
2. Only one vote per item on the board (you cannot give one item more than one vote).
3. Touch the item for which you would like to vote. The board will tell you alone in chat and in a blue confirmation menu which item it is you are voting for.
4. Click YES if it is the correct item, or NO if you wish to change your mind/have touched the wrong item.
5. You have 60 seconds to respond before the confirmation menu times out.
6. The board will confirm in chat which item you have voted for and how many votes you have cast. As you get the chance to confirm or declien a vote no discussion of "misplaced votes" will be entered into.
6. You can vote only for a maximum of 3 items.

If the board appears to be down or you cannot find the image of the piece you would like to vote for please send a notecard with the artist and title of the work/s to JayJay Zifanwe.

If you have any queries about the voting system please contact quadrapop Lane by IM and notecard.


July Round Imagine & Flagship Challenges
Winner's Announcement
6am SLT Sunday  8th August  2010 @ UWA Art & Design Platform
Imagine Entries - July
List is (mostly) in alphabetical order by artist first name -
Top Row
001 1Earthling Rang - VJ Central Video Art
002 1Earthling Rang - Magical Video Art
003 Abdullah Yazimoto - Sacred, Danish
004 Abstract Baroque - Et in arcadia ego
005 Alizarin Goldflake - Hephaistia Paper Lanterns on a Line
006 Alizarin Goldflake - Immersive Art_Summers Halloween
007 Asmita Duranjaya - Piece (or Peace?) of Nature
008 Betty Tureand - Lolipop
009 Bignorrs Barbos - Welcome to the Machine
010 Bryn Oh - 26 Tines
011 Corcosman Voom - Jump
012 Daco Monday - incontro (meeting)
013 Daco Monday - E LA LUCE...FU
014 Emilin Nakamori - Dangling Chain Demonstrator
015 Flora Nordenskiold - Culmination
016 Flora Nordenskiold - Displaced
017 FreeWee Ling - Guitarzan
018 Fuschia Nightfire - magic wind
019 Gingered Alsop - The Chamber
020 Giovanna Cerise - sirio
Second Row
021 Gleman Jun - Dream
022 Gleman Jun - Both myself
023 Gumby Roffo - Community -Glass
024 Gwen Difference - Wild Horses
025 Herick Straaf - Cubico
026 Herick Straaf - Anodyne
027 Ichiko Miles - Space Needle
028 Ivy Lane - Love Flows
029 Ivy Lane - HotPink Susan Chair
030 Jaydn Firehawk - Mothership
031 jeri Rahja - Whimsy of the Sl Flower
032 Jesse Keyes - Toxic World
033 Jimmy Debruyere - Slow Morning Totem
034 Joe Rozenblum - I am
035 Josina Burgess - In Darkness You Can Always Find Light
036 Kicca Igaly - Profile
037 Kicca Igaly - Orchestral conductor
038 Kyra Roxan & GeeJAnn Blackadder - MICROCOSM.
039 kyra Roxan - Eternity
040 Lea Supermarine - LS - Neural Nonsense
Third Row
041 luciella  lutrova - escultura con bailarina
042 luciella  lutrova - Flowers swimming
043 Magggnnus Woodget - FriendMe Chair 1.0
044 Marcus Inkpen - Know Thyself
045 Maya Paris - Drift
046 Miso Susanowa - The Fool
047 Miso Susanowa - Raindance
048 nehema Yif - Phoenix Rising
049 nessuno myoo - The Mechanical Knight
050 nessuno myoo - The spirit of Mechanical Angel
051 Nish Mip - OVERLOAD
052 Noke Yuizta - Xibalba
053 Oberon Onmura - Overflow
054 Oxil Zane - Into The Vortex
055 pao Homewood - Truth of Earth
056 Patch Thibaud - Cloud Theatre
057 Patrich Merlin - UFO Rainbow divine light vehicle
058 Penumbra Carter - July Entry
059 Petra Weksler - Drops of Happiness
060 Pixi Cosmos - SLice of Tranquility
Fourth Row
061 Pol Jarvinen - herbes 258
062 pravda Core - The Vampire Heritage
063 pravda Core - Minotaur's Wrath
064 Rose Borchovski - Lessons in Democracy
065 Sabrinaa Nightfire - Broken Bowls Flowers
066 SaveMe Oh - Laugh & Die
067 Selavy Oh - The Empty Chair (Identity Chair)
068 Silene Christen - Red Tapes on Stone Dancers
069 soror Nishi - The Happy Tree
070 Takni Miklos - 12 Roses - Touch Me Not
071 Takni Miklos - chatmorpher
072 Teal Freenote - Growing Pains
073 Tolsen Decycla - A new life
074 Tolsen Decycla - New Beginning
075 Ub Yifu - Tristan Careless
076 Wizard Gynoid - Nested Stellated Dodecas sans faces
077 Yabusaka Loon - Life
078 Zola Zhun -  Black and White Swamp
079 Jester Jyraffe - kazoo
080 Jester Jyraffe - turtle

OWNER of UWA Commercial Land group:::
Jayjay Zifanwe

University of Western Australia
Achieving International Excellence

Living with Art

The UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
People's Choice
3 votes to cast.
Winner was Nishi Mip for People's Choice "Umbellas"


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