Friday, September 17, 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010

ORGANICA - Equinox 2010, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Equinox 2008 : Burning Man


presents ~~~~~~~~~~

Equinox 2010
15 hours of pure psy!

Sat / Sept 18th

noon to 2am slt

dj artists
noon  naofume camel
1pm   drummer cooperstone
2pm   nelskat kanya
3pm   pandora lane
4pm   pan tripsa
5pm   leilala memel
6pm   ariel lednev
7pm   seebs dover
8pm   barbs kurka
9pm   thomtrance otoole
10pm qee nishi
11pm med oh
12am ahimsa balut
1am   nebulae sands
2am  djane sang et soil

Come and dance the Earth!!!
Organica Cellular Stage
Region: Happy Clam Island

Photo submitted by Thomtrance O'Toole of Happy Clam Island.
Photo posted on this blog by RAFTWET Jewell.

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