Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Moments are Magical

This place will kill you and your soul. The backstabbing, the drama of the grid is enough to chase out the strongest. There are not-so-nice people here. Some with problems so deep that one can only imagine. And, yet, I have met some of the most wonderful avis/people here in the world.

raftwet jewell : the a list! event area

The ones I love are supporters in every sense of the word. They come through with advice and knowledge that helps with everything that I do. People here are very generous and kind. Those are the ones I gravitate towards and include in a special circle of friends.

max kleene in second life

Yesterday was magic. A dear friend, an old friend of Xavier's extended family, has given me a gift of art. The art is well-known and the artists on this grid will recognize it immediately. Lika is back on the grid building his houses. He is a builder and artist who originally created the "Cave" that we have rezzed for special occasions.

the a list! party in second life

I am a very emotional person. Tears flow easily when I am presented with great music and art. Live musician, Max Kleene has moved me to tears so many times that I feel almost silly over my reaction. And, the first time I saw a Starax at an outdoor gallery, I was so overwhelmed with just the building of the sculpture itself. When I saw Ballet Pixelle's first performance, my breathe caught in the back of my throat as I choked up with tears.


In real life, the tears flow even when I listen to a youth symphony. I hear the errors and the missteps, but I feel their passion as they play. I know these young musicians are not looking for stardom; they play because they love the music. Outsider art are gems. Precious pieces done by people with no training or pretension. They make art because their souls demand it. I have been overwhelmed with this type of art.

Ballet Pixelle performers of AVATARA

For me, it's not a measure of technical excellence but rather the presentation and the delivery. There are many great musicians, artists and dancers in this world. But, there are only a rare few that will touch our hearts. And, that is something very magical... and when you are there at that moment, there is a sense of seeing something that no one else has experienced.

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When I watched the finale of America's Got Talent, the show let me know that I am not alone in this feeling. This is why everyone in the entire world connects to certain artists. And the gift that I received yesterday was one that I had connected to the very first few months that I was on this grid.

raftwet jewell in metaverse

Yesterday was pure magic.

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