Thursday, September 9, 2010

raftwet attacked in doomed ship

raftwet jewell attacked at the Doomed Ship

raftwet attacked in doomed ship, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.


doomed ship terminals

signage of the doomed ship

I got a tp to the Doomed Ship by some of my builders. The words were simple, "You gotta see this!"

textures in the doomed ship

doomed ship sci fi build in second life

When I arrived, I saw a typical sci-fi build of a space station or spaceship with the nice textures of a mysterious futuristic place.

sitting in the doomed ship

raftwet jewell in second life at doomed ship

It was obvious that the place had the erie atmosphere of an abandoned station where something terrible had happened... role-play was de rigueur.

exploring the doomed ship

doomed ship sci-fi caterpillar attack

As we all walked through the corridors, opening doors and climbing stairs, I was suddenly attacked by a green tenacled creature near an opening. Arrrggghhh!

aoshi attacked in doom ship

The attack was unusual in that the scripter had a perverse sense of humor as the creatures raped us in a horror reminding me of past alien movies. (Seems like every old science fiction movie has a scene or implied scene about an alien rape.)

looking for a way out

OMG! we all yelled as we realized what we were seeing. Weird pink penis jolted out as the creature mounted us. Gawd, what an animation!

raftwet jewell at doomed ship

rafee jewell at doomed ship
Go check it out, but remember I warned you. Revel in the animations and the build; it was amazing. I just hope my avatar doesn't have an alien baby!

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