Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bisque Coastline Obliterated by Terraforming

Bisque Coastline is Gone : Terraforming on Coast

Bisque Coastline Obliterated by Terraforming, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

After all these years, someone has terraformed a tiny, small parcel next to my old home on Bisque. The coastline has been destroyed!

My old neighbor, a beta avatar, who was there forever has sold his property. ( I miss him already) Sadly, the avatar who purchased the land, has put up ban lines and terraformed to the maximum height of 40+ meters right on the coast. Yikes!

My house is open to the public and has always been a retreat for me and my friends and corporate guests. I don't recall ever having ban lines on my property.

The view before...

Hopefully, the avi will bring the walls down on both the land, the ban lines and their heart. 

bisque sky
Open sky and view of the coastline before the terraforming...

For all you new builders, land owners; walk your land and your neighbors. Check the view and see if you have destroyed it. Live together in harmony just as you would in the real world. It matters.

Missing the old Bisque Coastline and missing Pepper...

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