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UWA 3D Open Art Challenge 2010 - 2011

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge 2010 - 2011, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
Grand Art Collaboration
 $L1,000,000 Prize Pool

UWA BLOG: uwainsl.blogspot.com/

This year long art challenge is open to everyone in Second Life. It is a grand collaboration among major art houses & groups in Second Life, including The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA), SL Arts, CARP, Pirats Art Network, Odyssey, Show & Tell, BOSL & UWA. 

The Challenge is sponsored by UWA, Philip Vought, Bohemian Ghost and Patch Thibaud.  All pieces entered across the year will be eligible to be filmed for MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists II,  which will coincide with the grand finale announcements of this new challenge.

Create something that will take our breath away. 2 entries per month per person.

Deadlines are on the 25th of each month. (First deadline is 25 November 2010.)
Please save this form to your inventory, edit that copy and return it with your entry:

  • *Artist Name:  
  • *Name of Art Entry:  
  • *Artist Biography:
  • *Favourite Landmarks:
  • **RL City :

Location of current month entries & Art Entry receivers:
􀀀 http://slurl.com/secondlife/UWA/60/134/250
Location of UWA Sandbox
􀀂 http://slurl.com/secondlife/University%20of%20WA/145/117/24

To submit entries for the UWA 3D Art Open Challenge, visit the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge platform, and drop your entry in the receiver. You do this by selecting the entry in your inventory (left mouse button) and then press CTRL + drag the entry while holding down that key to the prim of the receiver. When the cursor is over the poster the outline of the poster should turn red. You may then release your left  mouse button to drop your object or notecard. If you have difficulties doing this, give the entry to Jayjay Zane or Jayjay Zifanwe. 􀀁 http://slurl.com/secondlife/UWA/60/134/250

See entry rules below.


1st Prize L$10,000
2nd Prize L$7,500
3rd Prize L$5,000
UTSA Prize L$5,000
SL Arts Prize L$5,000
Odyssey Prize L$5.000
Pirats Prize L$5,000
Show & tell Prize L$5,000
BOSL Prize L$5,000
CARP Prize L$5,000
Best Non-Scripted Entry L$5,000
People's Choice Award: L$2,500

GRAND FINALE PRIZE POOL - L$100,000 (1st), L$75,000 (2nd), L$50,000 (3rd), L$20,000 (4th), L$10,000 (5th) plus additional prizes

General Overview:
1) Theme is completely open. Take our breath away!
2) You can enter up to 2 entries each month, or any month that you choose.  Closing date for the month is the 25th of any given month. Entries submitted after go to the following month.
3) Monthly winners will be displayed on UWA SIMS for up to a month.
4)  A People's Choice Award will also be given every month. Voting panel will go up each month for the days between the closing of the month's entries and the announcement of the winners. 

Contest Entry Rules:
1) Any artwork/ object can be submitted. They can be inanimate or have animation. They may contain scripts if you so choose - maximum script time of 0.5ms, and anything that runs at over 0.05ms is to have an on/off on touch with time out of 10 minutes max (if you are unsure of your piece's script load please contact one of the Challenge hosts to have it evaluated). 100 prim maximum. Objects that make sounds should be limited in range and should turn off automatically. 
2) Note that by submitting an entry, you are give permission to the University of Western Australia to place the objects anywhere on UWA owned land, and to have information and images of the entries placed on UWA websites and on websites promoting the UWA SIMS or events held on the UWA SIMS. 
5) A valid entry, is any object dropped onto the contest entry receiver. Pick up item from inventory while holding down the CTRL key, and drop it onto the contest entry billboard prim (relese the left mouse button when your entry is in position to be dropped in)
6) Alternate method of entry is to drop the object into the inventory of Jayjay Zane, who is executive officer for the 'UWA 3D Open Art Challenge’ or Jayjay Zifanwe
7) All entrants should join the group 'UWA 3D ART AND DESIGN CHALLENGE’
8) To join, copy and paste the following into local chat, then click  as appropriate to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/cad9c421-8b96-f9c1-fb40-dade48c43fe4/about
9) Those on the monthly panels are allowed to submit works, but are not allowed to win their group led prize 
10) Top 3 each month and the best non-scripted  will make it to the Grand Finale round, along with any artwork managing to secure 3 of Group Awards (i.e if a piece is not selected in the top 3, but is selected by 3 groups or more as the winner for their Group prize, the piece will be shortlisted for the Grand Finale)

Monthly Judging Panels for Each Group Led By
UTSA - Dr Carmen Fies
SL Arts - Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnell ( Ice Caverns Art  Gallery - curator)
Odyssey - Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde
BOSL - Frolic Mills & Giela Delpaso
Show & Tell - Florenze Kerensky & Barney Boomslang
Pirats Art Network - Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond
CARP - Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto

Overall Monthly Panel 
1. Professor Ted Snell (SL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia (RL)
2. Frank Roberts - The University Architect, The University of Western Australi (RL)
3. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) / Jay Jay Jegathesan (RL)  - Owner of The UWA SL presence; Creator & Host of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge; Manager School of Physics, UWA
4. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) -  Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery 5. Len Zuks (RL) - Award Winning West Australian Sculpturist  
6. FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
7. Laetitia Wilson (RL) - Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA

Expanded Grand Finale Judging Panel
1. Sasun Steinbeck  -  Creator of the Art Galleries of SL list at http://sasun.info/ArtGalleriesofSL.aspx
2. Tayzia Abattoir (SL) Owner of  The Oldest Virtual World Art Museum in SL, curator of the Aho Museum & Arts Simulacra on the NMC Campus and Relay For LIfe of SL Event Chair
3. Lumiere Noir (SL) - Creator of the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
4. Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media  Professor, Southern Illinois Uinversity, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
5. Rowan Derryth (SL) - Art & Design Historian; Writer for Prim Perfect Publications
6. Persia Bravin (SL) -   Journalist and Media Producer (SL newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
7  Dr Carmen Fies (RL) - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio & UTSA Artspace
8. Apollo Manga (SL) - examiner.com Writer & Novelist
9.  Jordan Whitt (SL) - Editor in Chief, ICON Lifestyle Magazine
10. Mariposa Upshaw (SL) - Curator - Ventura Art & Jardine; Officer, Arts Council of Second Life
11. Saffia Widdershins - Owner and Editor of Prim Perfect Publications
12. Phillip Vought- Art Philanthropist & Founding Patron of UWA-BOSL Amphitheatre
13. Bohemian Ghost - Owner of Summerland Estates

Curator for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is FreeWee Ling
Host for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is UWA & Jayjay Zifanwe

Poster and information submitted by JayJay Zinfanwe for THE A LIST! blog.
Poster pic and edit uploaded by raftwet jewell for this post.

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