Thursday, December 30, 2010

butterflies, rafee, firefury, xavi in second life

butterflies, raftwet, firefury & xavier at happy clam island

butterflies, rafee, firefury, xavi in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

rafee, firefury & xavi at HCI

raftwet & xavier in second life

A new year is coming, and I've been on this grid forever! As all things pass into the memories of 2010, we begin anew with a promise of bigger and brighter things for 2011!

barbs kurka at happy clam island

Tonight, we are with old friends and new over at Happy Clam Island. Organica is the outdoor gathering in the grassy meadow nestled in between the particles and psytrance music.

barbs kurka at organica

DJ Barbs Kurka is at the helm spinning her brand of music, and it is a never-ending dance party like no other.

party people in second life

particle explosions

2011... may things change and never change! Woot!

Raftwet Jewell in Virtual Metaverse
raftwet jewell in blogger
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raftwet jewell in twitter
the a list! in second life

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