Wednesday, December 22, 2010

second life : digital future

raftwet jewell on riverland : sky waterfall

raftwet jewell : wet builders on riverland, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

raftwet jewell at Tron regions

raftwet jewell in eshi otawara headdress

raftwet jewell at sky waterfall on riverland

I just saw  TRON (both movies). I see where the minds melded here in Second Life. The influence is everywhere! From the grid itself to the builds, the creators here have definitely taken notes from the original movie. When, I saw the originally movie just a few days ago, I was taken back by the references. They were talking about us. They were talking about Second Life.

rafee on tron-inspired motorcycle

tron inspired motorcycle racing on the grid

cyber rafee on riverland's chill zone

raftwet jewell at riverland sky waterfall

The new movie is excellent. I don't want to talk about the film, because I want you all to see it. They honored the original, and the new movie made me cry. The reverence in the movie for this grid is spiritual, and it is the feeling I get when I am here. This is a very special place. Second Life is not just a game; as Kevin Flynn, the creator says, "the grid is a place of infinite possibilities... more beautiful than I ever dreamed... and more dangerous than I could have ever imagined."

immersive installation in second life influenced by Disney's Tron movie 

raftwet jewell as cyber influenced by tron

All of us are very privileged to be here... to be a part of a grand experiment of the future of the internet. I do see the internet morphing into the concept of "The Grid." It is inevitable.  I see Kevin Flynn, the visionary in the souls of Phil Linden, Sergey Brin, Larry PageSteve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. (Yes, I am aware of the researchers at Carnegie, MIT, etc... but their research was project-based. I am not sure they saw their results in the hands of every man, woman and child in the world as these visionaries I have listed.) These are the people who have changed our lives. They are the ones who endured long hours and obstacles that we can never imagine just to bring us their dreams. I honor them today with grace and humility.

riverland chill zone

And my favorite part of the movie? ... the reverence for water and the grid.

Please visit my little contribution on my regions: (be kind, I am building out of love.)

rafee building riverland sky waterfall

sunset in second life virtual world

Raftwet Jewell in Virtual Metaverse
raftwet jewell in blogger
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raftwet jewell in twitter
the a list! in second life

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