Monday, December 5, 2011

raftwet jewell = rafee jewell = me!

RAFTWET Jewell in Second Life

raftwet jewell = rafee jewell = me!, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

OMG! Was I bored? LOL!

RAFTWET Jewell making faces in Second Life. This photo was taken on WETLands in world one day when I was goofing around with my SL animations.

I must apologize to everyone! I have been gone much of 2011 with projects in real world gaining much of my attention. I did try to network all the projects together, though. I never did forget all of you out there in the virtual world of Second Life. I really got waylaid from doing most of my duties that a lot of you have grown to know.

Everything this year was rather sporadic. I know this. I will try harder to be on the grid regularly. Maybe not everyday, but I will do my best to get here. My hat goes out to each and everyone of you... now I am heading over to THE A LIST! blog to write something over there...

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