Monday, January 16, 2012

raftwet jewell goes on and on

I often wonder why so many of us take the time and money to participate in virtual worlds like Second Life. In the last five years, I have been diligently learning how to build, how to sell, how to get land stats, how to manage groups, how to be a resident and how to cope in here. If anyone ever told me, before I created my avatar, how hard this place could be for anyone, I might have run away from this project completely.

raftwet jewell at winter holiday village 2012

So much has happened in here including friendships, love, broken relationships, bad business deals, and the rest of the shenanigans in here, that I can not believe that I am still here on this grid! It's been sometimes a rocky road and sometimes smooth sailing. But... it has never been boring. Well, until now.

I don't want to expand on that thought just yet, but all of you old avis on the grid probably know what I am talking about. The grid has become... ahem... rather sanitized. Kinda. Maybe it's just because I have been here soooo long that nothing surprises me anymore. I play in here and build. I explore places and write. I go and listen to so much virtual live music that my head spins. And, when I go clubbing, I am usually bumped to death, and it is rare to receive a hello anymore from even the hosts. (Gee, you would think I wasn't registering on the grid anymore...)

raftwet jewell at winter holiday village 2012

But, I am ready to tackle all the stuff that gets thrown at me. I will take breathers more frequently and sometimes I might not be on the grid at all. But, I do want everyone to know this... I love this place, Second Life, more than any of you will ever know. The wonder is still here no matter how sanitized it gets, the grid is alive with imagination and artful fantasy.

Now, here I go... about to start my fifth year in 2012... raftwet jewell signing off... but only until tomorrow.

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