Tuesday, September 15, 2009

isle of dreams castle

isle of dreams castle, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

I just created a chill area for my land on WETLands. There's a camping spot near the river with tents, campfire and a pot of soup cooking. Enjoy a beer while you are hanging out.

tents by the river

I received an LM from best friend, Aoshi and he is never wrong about his choices. I ended up on prodigiosus sim at a place called Isle of Dreams.

isle of dreams ballroom

Castle was set high with a beautiful ballroom. But, I also found some cool retail, too. Giant pumpkins like the ones I have at my Garden Sculptures store except these were sculpties. And, they had cool tents by the river, too.

sculpty pumpkins

Nice, place to hang... outdoors near the river... always a big plus for me. And, a very nice ballroom in the castle!

When I landed at their landmark (by the way vote on the b-places voting box, and then head my way and vote for mine, too LOL!), I received a nice notecard with information about Isle of Dreams... here it is in their own words:

"Prodigious - Isle of Dreams

Welcome to the Beautiful Isle of Dreams where we try to make your dreams a reality.
Relax and admire the views at sunset or dance under the stars at night.

Teleport your friends and chat, relax at the many places for you to enjoy.
Climb trees, relax by the camp, or on the beach. 

Or be romantic and bring your partner or just make new friends here.

We hope you enjoy sharing our Dream here, this area is currently maintained on donations and selling my creations , all support is greatfully recieved and spent on  buying more for the sim.

Thanks for visiting and wishing u a great time in SL. 
Please tell your friends if you enjoyed urself

Raul Ariel & Ana Nyle"

Thank you to Raul and Ana for your beautiful contribution to the grid... and the retail is awesome, too!

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