Saturday, September 19, 2009

art in second life burning life

art in second life burning life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

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The Land Rush is on! Only two more days to grab a plot at Burning Life in Second Life... an insane game of chance where the server rules!

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It's been days now of trying to no avail. We wait for the top of the hour and tp in only to be met with a slow rezz or lag that prevents me from grabbing that elusive kiosk.

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Aoshi and I have been trying. It's been part of the fun of trying to participate. Yes, it's frustrating, but it's frustrating for all the builders and creators.

burning life sculptures

Yesterday, I woke up super early to try for the 8 am wake up call for the Land Rush. I made it in and started clicking wildly on every kiosk. I tried from a distance, I tried close up. Finally, I realized it was over. I walked over the playa when I suddenly spied a still-red kiosk. I clicked and held my breathe. Nothing.

A voice shouted. "Hey, Lady, I was here first!"

Huh? I didn't see anyone, then I realized the avi was behind the kiosk clicking wildly. Giggles. I then realized the server had overloaded on this one. OMG! I still had a chance. So, I started clicking, too. Another avi walked up and she started clicking. The first avi went ballastic, yelling that it's not fair, he was there first, he's been trying since the Land Rush opened and on and on.

I quietly told him... I've been trying for 3 years... he quieted down. He then apologized to everyone and said he was just frustrated. I gave him a hug and told him I was frustrated, too... but I reminded him that this situation is part of the "chance" of trying to grab a plot.

I had Dusty Linden in an IM asking him what we should do. Dusty repeated the same thing... keep trying... this is part of the chance of trying to grab a plot.

Madness. We kept trying. Then, an avi walked up. He said, "What's wrong?"

We told him that the kiosk wasn't working. He raised his arm and pointed and clicked. And the darn thing converted to black. I started laughing hysterically. The angry guy just yelled, "WHAT?"

And, I congratulated the avi and told him that he had a huge burden now... to create the best project on his plot. Since, not only did the avi beat the game of chance, but he also beat the server and the rest of us.

I'm gonna keep trying this weekend. But, in the meantime, each time I try, I get a chance to watch the incredible builders rezz their creations.

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Raftwet Jewell, the first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!
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