Tuesday, November 17, 2009

303 bastards club in second life

Mack and I were shopping for hair and skins. LOL! OMG, we have more than we will ever use... but what's a girl to do to keep our look fresh?

graphics at 303 bastards

Found some cool hair by DBS, a long version... very pretty. Also, stopped off at Vanity Universe for a new skin. Fun!

raftwet jewell in virtual worl...

party at 303 bastards in secon...

Arabella Buscaylet from Digital Nation sent a shout through THE A LIST! for 303 Bastards party so I hit the tp to check out this new club.

303 bastards in virtual world ...

303 bastards in second life

DJ Alexxxander Stratten was spinning a nice minimal set and I immediately got into a nice chill beat while writing this post.

raftwet jewell at 303 bastards...

raftwet at 303 bastards

Ahhh, nice Tuesday night on the Second Life grid.

Raftwet Jewell, the first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!
raftwet jewell in myspace
raftwet jewell in blogger
raftwet jewell in koinup
raftwet jewell's the a list! in blogger
raftwet jewell's the a list! in myspace


pie-in-the-sky said...

RAFTWET, thank you so much for dropping in and writing about my partner's club, 303 Bastards, it's always a pleasure to see you!

IF you dropped in one night before tho, you would have attended one of the funniest parties I've been to in SL. I laughed so hard I couldn't see what I was doing.

We had everything from dancing jellyfish and whipping tentacle creatures, bed jumping anims, 60 style afro wearing DJs, amazing tunes from Digital Frances, Stig Batistuta and renanyoy Oh to flying body parts, that shall remain unmentionable as this is probably a family rated blog!

The fun and games continue as Digital Francis and myself continue to hold events in SL, you never know what is coming next, but we will keep you posted!

Arabella Buscaylet

RAFTWET Jewell in Virtual World of Second Life! said...

hugz Arabella! thanks for your comments and welcome! Digital has always been a classy gentleman and I am so happy to see you both working together in Second Life. Next time I see you both, I'll have to drag out my disco clothes for the party! Kizzzz!