Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mr widget party in second life

mr widget party in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

MUZIK HAUS in second life

The finale is here. Midnight creeping. Sitting at the builder's land and making stuff... need some inspiration... lol, here it comes... another and another...


Ok. Fav dj. I say it all the time. But it's true... really.

mr widget, raftwet jewell at m...

Mr Widget at Muzik Haus.


Listen and learn.

Muzik Haus is pure art


Mr Widget must be

crayons, paint, digital madness

with an extreme touch of sound.

raftwet jewell in virtual worl...

rafee at muzik haus

raftwet at muzik haus for mr w...

Raftwet Jewell, the first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!
raftwet jewell in myspace
raftwet jewell in blogger
raftwet jewell in koinup
raftwet jewell's the a list! in blogger
raftwet jewell's the a list! in myspace

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