Saturday, March 6, 2010

Avatars United

I just joined a cool network that is a conglomeration of all virtual worlds including Second Life. Cool because we can be in there and connect both socially and in business. Avatars United. LOL! yah another spam site, another place to get messages out.

You get the drift. Create a profile, add bio, add photos, add videos (not yet), make friends and create groups. The difference is that it is in my community... where I reside and work. The avatars in Second Life are in there duplicating many of the same interests and groups that they already have in world.

Both my partner and I are there enjoying the friends and groups. We brought THE A LIST! into the network and it's been fun adding new friends to the group. I also started a group on a whim that has had a nice beginning. FOOD! is a group without any pretensions except that we all love food, recipes and tips on making our kitchen prep easier. We also recommend slurls for our favorite food creators on the grid.

There are several applications that make photos and communication easier, too. I am hoping that this beta goes smoothly as I already see problems happening with the group dynamics and photo uploads. With all of us sending suggestions and the creators monitoring our behavior, I am hoping this new network will be THE site for the virtual worlds.

And, besides, I have brought in many of the Lindens onto my friends list there... even former CEO, Phil Linden. OMG! Seriously... and I hope it is actually him behind that profile representation. Hee hee!

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