Thursday, March 11, 2010

loegan magic of speakeasy

loegan magic, owner of Speakeasy, live music venue

loegan magic of speakeasy, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

speakeasy live music

speakeasy for live music

speakeasy in second life

Another new live music venue is an intimate club. A small nightclub that offers jazz, live vocalists and musicians in a warm setting.

speakeasy live music venue

speakeasy live music venue

Loegan Magic is the owner of Speakeasy and he was here tonight keeping a watchful eye on the place. The hostesses at this club are friendly and welcomed everyone as we walked in.

xavier, raftwet at speakeasy

harry frychester at speakeasy

Go check it out for a great date spot this weekend!

Raftwet Jewell, the first whitewater rafting avatar in the virtual world!
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