Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rafee, Aoshi at Tokyo Nights in Second Life

I have the supreme pleasure of participating as a helper at Burning Life in Second Life this year. The last two years were futile attempts to try to grab land, and this year, with my huge inventory, the lag got me again as I could not grab a plot during the Land Rush.

My best friend Aoshi got a huge site. He is a photographer and videographer in real life. Though he is modest about his building abilities, he is also a great builder. He has a huge photo tripod representing his photographic passions. Behind the stage, he built a photo slide changer to exhibit his work. And, he has added several bears and creatures that he created in the past few years in Second Life with new modifications to fit the SL Burning Life concepts. I still have his original bear light that he created for an outdoor garden sculpture.

aoshi, rafee from wet builders

The site was large, so he had me build a stage. Our inspiration was a recent visit to Tokyo Nights club. A black and white stark build of asian influence was my inspiration for this. I took a ton of pictures when we were at the club that night a while back. Of course, Aoshi had to make a video, too. I have it here so that you can see it and see where we got our inspiration for the Burning Life plot. Enjoy and look at the pictures, too!

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