Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RAFTWET & XAVIER Dancing in Second Life

Ok. We were too tired tonight for much of anything. Both of us were in admin mode working on THE A LIST! Too tired to talk to anyone except each other. Talk Talk Talk... and more talk. Strategies. Implementation. Blah blah blah...

Our avis look bored. Poor Raftwet, poor Xavier... Both avies sitting in lounge chairs at the WETLands outdoor ballroom. We had a cool jazz media stream going as we worked but... they needed to dance and both of us needed to rezz stuff! I tp'd first to my favorite sim... a little sandbox so that we could rezz some fun stuff together.

The moon was full. Quiet solitude. I put an 80's indie, alternative music stream on, and we let our avatars dance to the tunes. I put on Lonetorus's dance orb, and he put on his JMD particle hud. And, our party began.

After 100 frames or so... well, I had to make a movie. Here it is. Start dancing.

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