Thursday, October 21, 2010

BURN2 : raftwet, xavier at nish mip art installation

BURN2 : Burning Man 2010

BURN2 : raftwet, xavier at nish mip art installation, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

BURN2 : cyber lounge

I took so many pictures of BURN2 the last few days. I thought I should at least post a few. So many great things to see and experience on the dry playa, that it would take forever to go through all of it.
BURN2 : anya ibor, artist

BURN2 : new antsderdam on hualapai

BURN2 : new antsderdam
Lag was a bit much on the opening day, but I expected that. I used an alt to navigate around; one that had hardly anything in inventory. It really helped to have no scripted huds or attachments, too.

BURN2 : betty turead on bordello road

BURN2 : bordello road
My favorite artists and their works are here. I am gaga over Nish Mip (she recently won UWA's 3D Design Challenge) and her cyber robot club/lounge "Robot Summer City." I could have hung out there all day.

BURN2 : cyber world of robots

BURN2 : robot summer city
Next favorite was Gracie Kendal. I have a few of her pieces from 2007 when I first ran across her work at a now defunct art gallery on the grid. Her Burning Man "painting" of swirls and textures had me walking and flying through it. There is a story told... an important one.

BURN2 : gracie kendal, artist in second life

BURN2 : gracie kendal on hualapai
The cartoony, Mario-build was fabulous. Legos stacked and pieced together creating a huge monumental build. You could see it from across the sims! So sweet and charming and it brought a big smile to my face.

BURN2 : black rock

BURN2 : mario comes alive
I did spend one entire afternoon with the Stilt Bitches Flying Circus. The freebies were so great. Stilts, costumes and fire juggling were given away. Everyone was dancing. I couldn't tear myself away.

BURN2 : stilt bitches flying circus

BURN2 : stilt bitches flying circus party

BURN2 : rabbit hole

BURN2 : the big tent at rabbit hole
I have only gone to a couple of parties as I have been super busy lately with other grid matters. I hit Barbs Kurka's "Barb's Psytrance Tent" a few times as I seem to know most of the dj's over there.

BURN2 : med oh spinning at burning man

BURN2 : rafee, xavi at burning man
Live music was awesome. So many talented musicians are playing at the Center Tent. Make sure you go at least a few times to catch the different genres of music there.

BURN2 : live music

BURN2 2010 : ghoulish avatar
It will be impossible to see everything. But, the weekend is almost here, so I hope to check out more!

BURN2 : outhouse

BURN2 : bordello road

BURN2 : soror nishi art

BURN2 : psy colors and flowers

All photos taken by raftwet jewell and uploaded to flickr for this blog.

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